The city walk

in #photography29 days ago


One of the great feelings l seem to catch always is walking through town to see many people trynna make something good for themselves. It comes with so much passion when l see the hardship that people go through daily so as to fetch for themselves and family something to feed on. This is an experience of what happened today at the market place where l passed. Walking through the market today looked simply good and easy because the day was still young. During this time, the market isn't so much overcrowded as seen always here at Kejetia. Vehicular movements are so good as well. This is the moment most people love to handle all the various purchases at the market. It becomes very easy to get a car home when done too



But when the market starts really a big-time when buying and selling are actively done, you may feel a little uneasy walking through this place. People are so much crowded mostly in the afternoon when the market is in full session. And then begins to get easy again when the day nearing to closure. If the day breaks for people to suffer sometimes like this, then l always would wish the night never comes to an end. Even though there still are some people who are always seen even at night handling their goods to get something for the next morning. But we encourage all hardworking mothers and parents seen in places like this just for the love of their family and the future of their children




I am really excited about sharing the experience l had walked through the central market today right here in Kumasi, the Ashanti region of Ghana. With this, l share with the world the beauty of the local market with all readers. It is certainly the beauty of the African market. It is filled with so many colors and beauty all over. Thanks for passing by today.