'Swit Potato' Available In Online Stores

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Hello Hivers,

Feel free to add my most recent Club banger to your playlist and experience power packed entertainment. 😄 If you are on Instagram, make a 1 minute video of you dancing or vibing to the song and I will repost it. This song was produced, mixed and mastered by Dubble Dee. 'Swit Potato' by Citimillz now available on digital stores. Buy, Download and Stream here:)

Buy on digital stores:

Download here:

Stream here:

Have a good one and God bless our hustle!



Nice track!!
May I have permission to use it in a future vlog please 🙏

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Go ahead bro. I will like to watch the Vlog too. If you are on Instagram, you can post a short clip, mention me @officialcitimillz and use the tags #switpotatodancechallenge #switpotato

Awesome. Will do 💪

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