My Performance At Eni Garden

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I had a performance to make last Sunday night and all thanks to God for making the performance to go smoothly. My fans were thrilled by the amazing performance I gave to them coupled with the fact that I performed my soon to be released track alongside the just released track called ‘MKPO ASI BA’. This tracks is trending on Twitter as a lot of radio stations like Atlantic 104.5 Fm, XL 106.9 Fm and a lot more. Download this wonderful tune here:)

Music is a thing for me and I feel inner joy when I get people entertained. New music on the way titled ‘SHOW YOUR STYLE’. It is an Amapiano music that will I am sure my fans will love. Expect this new Afro hip-hop dancehall single specially dedicated to my fans who love to dance.

Watch my last week’s performance here:)

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Great show

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