Join @Challengedac Weekly Instagram Live Stream AMA Session

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Our Weekly Instagram Live AMA which takes place every weekend on Saturdays to be precise will be holding tomorrow 20th February 2021 by 5pm GMT. The AMA which usually lasts for an hour or less will be hosted by the ChallengeEOS App inventor Chace Eskam @anderson91 and co-hosted by the ChallengeDAC African Community Lead Mfonobong George @citimillz. Follow our official Instagram account to join our Live Stream AMA.

Viewers on the AMA will be rewarded on Discord with CHL tokens. Come and ask questions about the much anticipated Version ChallengeEOS Version 7.0 and tell us what you will like to see added on our app. Attendees who ask questions will be rewarded with good amount of CHL tokens.


We will be giving out hive upvotes to those who follow our Instagram account and drop screenshot as comment on this post.

Visit our website here:

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

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Thanks for the remainder, i will be there live.

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Thank you! @rhay92

It was insightful. Thanks you guys.

Though am new to the community thus, haven't used the previous challengedac app but hoping the new drop really suit the comprehension of users

Bhi guys am still waiting to get the new version challangeeos app update us thanks

Hi i guys am in Instagram to vote thanks

Hi guys am really interested to use use this new 7.0 #challangeeos app version. I will also like the team add more challangeeos and tasks for people to always be active on the app

The AMA session was fun filled and there was lots of clarity concerning the version 7

I will be there. Great to see

I will be there live

This edition will be Lit! Don't miss out guys. 🎉🔥

Let us know when this will start love to be part

We are a decentralized platform ready to take Blockchain technology to a whole new level. @citimillz

I love the new features added in the new version of the ChallengeEOS App. Hopefully, the number of users on the dapp will get to 100,000 pretty soon.

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Regarding #challangeeos I need to have this new version 7.0 to see it new features

Thanks for vote

I eill be there live