Finally got access to my Hive Account again...

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I've been fighting my Hive Account for about a year. FINALLY, TODAY, @gerber walked me through enough possibilities to where I could known for certain that the problem was not with the Hive blog sign ins, and I was able to get my hardware (phone and laptop) ruled out as well. Phone was unable to log in, same as laptop, Gerber madee a new "test account" and I imported the keys to Keychain. Same old 'stuff', different day. So in the interests of ruling out my network, I switched off my wifi.



So it's my wifi or cable modem. But get this, now that I am logged in, I am back on the wifi and it seems everything is loading now. Once I publish, I will know for certain. But it had loaded a couple of pages so far anyway.

@aggroed Hey, the Bad Baby deserves a RAISE!

Now I can hopefully log in and perform my leofinance functions too. Oddly enough, TribalDex was unaffected and Rishi556 got me going there, another good guy 👍🏼 Can't leave @eonwarped hanging, Evan is an old pal and worked with me on this too. THANKS STAFF!


Sort:, you weren't just gone for the past little while? lol



I thought you left Hive.
Welcome back Undy.
Funny, I can't seem to log in but okay with Peaked, Ecency, and sometimes Leofinance.

$Munch sounds like it has something to do with Pancake.


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Munch is on pancake swap, very soon, if not today...
But it started in Uniswap.
Price was just $ 0.00000012 when I looked today,
But it should be a contender to the Shiba Inu coin.
So big gains are incoming!!
5% of every transaction goes to charity! Plus 5% to
the hodlers. I'm weighing in at over 100 billion 😇

Glad everything worked out in the end. Looks like it was not straightforward and was a case of eliminating things to find the problem.

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Me too!!

PS: thanks for the re-blog, likely this is why my payout quadrupled in the second day LOL


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Welcome back! Good to know you were able to sort things out

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Welcome Back!

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I should be posting a bit moar now LOL