Blurt Odyssey - powering down blurt and buying Rising Star Game card packs

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A week ago I consolidated all the Blurt tokens from my accounts on Blurt and started the power down.

Today the first Blurt became liquid. It isn't much. Yet, as they say, it's better than nothing.

I immediately transferred it to Ionomy and sold for Bitcoin. Here are these two transactions.

Then I bought Hive with the Bitcoin from the sale.

17 Hive for free. Moving it into my wallet the second I got it.

All Ionomy transactions at a glance.

Got the Hive!

What now? How many card packs at the Rising Star Game can I buy with all this wealth?

Three packs, 5 Hive each. Let's do it!



Looks like these mics are everywhere.




All I can say is ...

Thank you, Blurt!

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Better and better


Nice! I'm still holding on to my blurt for the moment as it seems there is some life on the platform and they are looking to get listed on some other exchanges like binance Huobi etc from what I have heard, could make the price a little better or not, we'll see haha

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Good luck.

I decided that one platform (Hive) is enough and that I need to consolidate various assets and tokens anyways.


Damn, now you're making me FOMO on building my HIVE account haha!

I ditched steem and consolidated to Hive and do kinda want to get to Orca... Mmm... There's also Zapata which I'm not sure is fully out yet but you will likely get an airdrop for that too

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Zapata? Jeez, these clones are coming in thicker than in Star Wars :)

Can you provide a link or something?

I don't know if they are fully up and running yet but here's their twitter page - seems they are looking to join "Cosmos" blockchain as well. May be worth holding something back in case but obviously if you have your goals then stick to them!

Cosmos? Never heard. It's amazing how many different projects are out there. And how each and every one of them is the best and the most widespread :)

Let's wait and see how this will play out.

Thanks again your your comments!

Haha honestly, I have no idea what 9,990 of these chains and coins are but guaranteed they are all AMAZING lol!

But hey, if we get airdropped some, it's likely getting exchanged to BTC and or/HIVE 😁

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Three packs for free once a week isn't bad is it! :-)

This post gives you one entry into next week’s prize draw to win a 3 card Rising Star booster pack.
Post once a day and add the link to the #hive channel in our Discord to get more entries.

The prize draw takes place during our weekly live stream on Sundays.


It isn't bad at all. Actually, it's good :)

Post once a day and add the link to the #hive channel in our Discord to get more entries.

Reading this, I realized I didn't post the discord link. Fixing ...

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