Under a Blood Red Sky...

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Well, this one took me a lot more time to finish, but I’m pretty happy with the end-result!
And BTW, I strongly advise to look at this picture full screen if you want to enjoy all the details, uh, animals 😉

For those interested, no, this is not a snapshot of my Livingroom. I shot this in the National Museum of Natural History in Paris.
And the red color is not some little fantasy I added. When I took the shot, it was the ambient color…followed by green, yellow, blue… a very special atmosphere…

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Keep up the great work and have a wonderful day!

Thanks a lot, appreciated 👍
Have a !beer with me to celebrate 😉


That is nice at the bottom of you post, your social links! How do you that?

I made the graphics myself and just uploaded them...
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Nice building btw :p but my OCD tells me its not centered :p

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