Color Splash Hive…

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Yes, I know ... another Color Splash edit.
But hey, if you don't have time to take new photos but you still want to relax and be busy with photography in the evening ... then editing and playing with lightroom & Gimp on old photos is the perfect solution.

And besides, I have to admit that it is perfect for practicing cutting and working with layers in GIMP.

I hope you like it ... personally I think that color splash has some added value with some photos ... at least with this one 😊

And yes, the title ... refers to the subject ... 😉

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Love that Hive! The photo edits are great.

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Thanks dear! 😘
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I start with the other first...and then I'll come back here 😉

Wow, those bees are really huge! How scary! 😳

You want one? 😂

You've got some great architecture for photo's over your way. Nice!

Thanks 👍
Have a !beer 😉

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