Child Photography Edition 2

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm back with another edition of child-perspective photography!


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Child Photography

One of the things that's fun in a sense is when the little man gets ahold of my phone for one reason or another. This time it was because we needed directions to the fishing spot that we were heading towards. I couldn't remember where to go to get there so I gave in and turned the GPS on. Whenever Siena or I turn on the GPS though, the little man wants to hold the phone and give us the directions! It's fun for him so we don't mind.

What he has been doing lately though is taking the phone and starting to snap some pictures lol. The floor is a little dirty from all of his snacks!


"Here's my knee, look at those cool hairs!"


"Relaxing while dad drives, do you like my cool Crocs?" He's cracked my wife and I up for a long time, since he was an infant he's loved crossing his feet like that!


"There's my dad, driving us to where we will be catching some fish! You can also see his fishing pole poking forward" He loves his steering wheel and keeping us driving in the right direction!


"I think this is a cool looking steering wheel"


I don't enjoy giving the little man my phone, he doesn't need to use one for as long as we can hold it off. He has a wonderful imagination and has a lot of fun so we don't want to ruin that growth and development by sticking a phone or tablet in his face. He has found one of our old phones recently and all he did was mess around on it for the day he had it. I "lost" the phone somewhere and thankfully it only got fussed about for an hour or so before he forgot/gave up and moved onto his normal playing!

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Ray Bradbury used to say things about the development of children with technology around them. It is a sensitive topic. I agree. There's too many spoiled children around because people use technology to soothe them. I grew up having limited access to it and playing with a lot of things, reading and listening to stories.

Yeah man for sure. We don't let him use technology at all. My wife will do it sometimes when she needs a mental break but I never let him. It's really bad and dangerous for them and their growing and developing minds and bodies. Let's not even talk about the radiation these fondle slabs give off!

I'm glad that I had a childhood where I grew up without phones. Our phones were attached to the wall in the kitchen! Lol. Cordless phones were an upgrade that started in my lifetime which is crazy.

One of the things to keep note of is what the rich and big tech company's kids do. None of the big groups say they allow their children to use phones or tablets. I wonder why that is? Because it's terrible for the kids? I would say so! We have a lot to say about technology and kids but I'll leave it there lol

It's a convoluted issue. It get's them the kind of stimulus they do not need. There were cellphones already when I was a child, but I never had one until I started high school and didn't actually used it for much.

Lol, I dig this little photo series. A "new" perspective 😄 .