Saturday Night Sounds

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Posting has been getting to become a more regular thing for me thankfully, let’s share some music! I took a break from these music posts for a bit, but may do it here and there.

The aim of this post and others like it is to get more music shared on the platform, music is an awesome part of life! There is so much music that we don’t know about so please share at least one song with me in the comments! I would love to hear some new music.

This weeks theme is a bunch of songs from one of my favorite electronic artists. People who have followed me for a while and seen these posts will know who it is! Blackmill is the name of the artist. He’s got some awesome beats I think! I think these are all top quality songs so let me know and share some songs with me!

Blackmill - Sarajevo

Let It Be

Spirit Of Life


Home (this is a new one for me but I love it!

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I am not into electronic music but damn, this guy has some awesome tunes! Never head of blackmill before, thanks for the recommendation @cmplxty.
Gonna add some of these tracks at my ipod for sure!

Yeah dude thanks for checking it out! I love his music, it’s so chill you can just listen to it and relax. For me it helps me focus on work, having some chill music in the background.

A lot of people think of people like Skrillex when they think of electronic music but there’s so many great artists like this. Kalya Scintilla is another one.

I think I’m going to catalog my music on pandora into one big post on here lol


Look at me going through all your posts because I've missed them all lol. Listening whilst I try to catch up on comments. I should go back to doing my Music Monday - or maybe I should join you for Saturday Sounds again...

I love when people go though my recent posts and drop me comments! I do it myself with others. I creeped on Asher’s posts today looking for my data I needed and dropped some comments.

Would love for some music posts, feel free to tag me if you do! I love checking out peoples interests.

Got a song for me this week?

I don't - we've been mainly listening to bird life! When one comes, I'll share for sure!

I liked very much those songs you shared. Thanks. I'm going to add it to my playlist.🤗🎼

Listen to this one 🎶😁:

Thanks for checking my music post out! Blackmill is a great artist, he's got some very mellow songs that are easy to listen to and very relaxing. I tend to listen to them a lot while I'm working, keeps me going!

I appreciate you sharing the song. It's a very nice, mellow song in the beginning then it picks up! It sounds like a Michael Buble type artist, I kind of like it! He's got a good voice.

Seems like he's having issues with his partner being a little unfaithful in the song lol