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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm getting back to sharing some music, let’s get into it!


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Music Monday

I had used a different series for the music posts, Saturday Night Sounds, but that wasn't entirely popular and I think it got confused a bit with the name that someone finally told me about lol.

Music is one of my favorite things to relax to, as many people can also probably have similar experiences. My musical tastes are incredibly diverse, I think. I can enjoy some really heavy gangster rap (not the radio trash), some metal, country, classical and so many others in between.

One of the coolest things about music is that all of the different kinds have their unique qualities to them and reasons that we listen to them. Some are more chill, others are upbeat and getting you motivated.

This Week's Choice: Alternative Rock

I think that I will try to confine the post to be 2 or 3 songs of the particular topic to keep it shorter and so that people can listen to one or all of the songs without taking too much time!

Linkin Park was definitely one of my favorite bands growing up. I love their sound and although it's not the same band as when it included Chester, it's still a great band. I was in the car with the little man over the weekend and had an itching to listen to their music so I put it on via my iPod (anyone still use those anymore? Lol) and he was actually really enjoying it! I was glad lol hopefully we can prevent him from listening to the horse shit from the radio as long as possible! I don't think there will be much music like we got into with Linkin Park and others being played on the radio in the future. Lots of focus on the latest shitty rap but not a lot of alternative rock bands.

Way more important to me though, is sharing a song with me! It doesn't have to be anything related at all to what my choices are but I would love for you to share a song or two with me!

Linkin Park - Papercut


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RIP Chester.

For sure man, was terrible to hear!

Here's a tune for ya 🎶

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