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Its of necessity to stay woke be it at the dawn of the night.
The thought of a progressive life is all on us, especially for one who believes everything is achievable. Planning, acting, believing, waiting, trusting is what it takes to make it possible.
Some years ago,it all seemed like there was no progression.
Imagine going true a routine (boring though) just to wait on time to fly by after it all.
I had to sit on a white golden chair on a daily for dreams to come into fruition.
Fast forward to the point when hand starts jotting down, tapes rolling deep and believe soaring high with confidence.
Behold after a while only to find out it's all been written down.
It was time to read...


I believe in my dreams yet unseen but the feeling is Real.
When one knows what he wants,he knows it's attainable.
Never been a quitter or a Thomas (doubter).
Rest if I must but always to come back stronger.
Sometime ago, I was in despair,truth be told.
Each time I decide to pen down my thoughts,I've always decided to pen down the blind truth because it restores my confidence.
These days while I pray I reminisce on how I should have been dead or paralyzed but this is me today standing on my feet and breathing in and out; full of life.
Ever since a young lad I only had one thought at heart which made me confident.
Growing up, I derailed from a path
even though the thought of that goal was ever in my mind.
It has always occured to me that I had a path to follow, the question that always followed was,"how?"
Having read from numerous writers,I can say my despair was from not having takken any step to see the dream become Reality.
Today,believing strongly in the Magic Of Believing,and putting it's principle to work;
and ultimately believing in God and myself.

To walk through life and say at the end the dream is true.
Fast forward to today,what's happening?
I see myself laughing, joking and having a better life than I thought.
Am I there yet?
Big question, no but experience has placed me so high that I sometimes feel on a pedestal.
Looking down below on what last at heart


Es como oir a mi mamá @parauri. Lo felicito por su reflexión. Hasta luego.