twitter CEO jack dorsey said he IS IN Ghana! wow and hes live streamin ...

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twitter CEO jack dorsey said he IS IN ghana! wow and hes live streaming with elon musk and Kathy Woods from ark invest #ghana @mcsamm @tj4real @steemgh #telokanda #eos #telos #eosio #jackdorsey @telokanda @citimillz @anaman @kofpato

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elon just mentioned an ASCI ledger and a Tesla SPACE HEATER that Mines crypto AFTERE being asked about Starlink ... referencing projectodin free energy etc

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I don't understand why Mask has advertised DogeCoin in the past, which is a Proof of Work blockchain .. which in my opinion can never be scalable like a pos or a dpos

it can with DPOS and telos PDOGE from

Thanks for reply! You really know a lot of things