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Telokanda is a network of blockchain enthusiasts from around the world collaboratively building great projects using blockchain technology, skills, and passion. Telokanda is popularly known for its advertising project on telos blockchain which rewards users with Kanda tokens for clicking on adverts posted on the telokanda ads network. Beyond the advertisement platform, the telokanda network also has several other projects hosted on telos blockchain and other blockchains like HIVE, STEEM, EOS, etc. These projects and partnerships, launched on the telokanda sub-domains keep increasing the utility and liquidity of the KANDA tokens and other telokanda related for tokens investors and holders.

Telokanda has a blockchain community to attract Africans and other people from various parts of the world who are enthusiastic about blockchain technology, EOSIO, and TELOS to create deeper engagements and accumulate rewards for doing so. Telokanda will attract Africans and other people interested in blockchain technology, EOSIO, HIVE, and STEEM (including large existing blockchain communities) to the telokanda platform. Telokanda will create a hub of content and a community for Africans and other blockchain fans from around the world. Our focus on social education and entertainment will create a rich environment that will retain users and focus their passion for crypto towards the telokanda network and telos and Telos-based dapps like Sesacash, SEEDs, telos task, areaX and more.

The Telokanda advertisement dapp built on telos blockchain on the domain https://ads.telokanda.com is popularly known on telos blockchain to rewards users who click on ads by rewarding each clicks based on 0.5% of their staked balance on their telos wallets for KANDA tokens. It is a great blockchain community that rewards its users with KANDA or TLOS and many other telokanda affiliated tokens for engagements/actions on the telokanda dapps.
Telokanda is sponsored by the telos blockchain and was co-founded by two west Africans (From Nigeria) and an American (From USA). Telokanda also has a core team of currently 6 members, three developers, and three founders (two Americans and Four Nigerians) – Read up the telokanda team sections on this whitepaper for more information.


KANDA is the native token of the telokanda platform and it is meant to reward users respectively for some of the specified actions they take on the Telokanda platforms. KANDA has a maximum supply capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens and each token would be minted through a smart contract created on the telos blockchain and others. Kanda can be transferred across different blockchains, from steem engine, hive engine, telos, and eos blockchain, etc through smart contracts. Each time a Kanda token is transferred across blockchains, it is no more available on the initial blockchain but goes over to the next one which it has been transferred into and it becomes useful over there and could also be transferred back to the initial blockchain. The maximum supply remains the same across different blockchains but the available supply on each blockchain varies based on where it is being used. Just like USDT is currently available on OMNI blockchain, TRX blockchain, and ETH blockchain as ERC20, Kanda also possesses these same qualities made possible through blockchain smart contracts on TELOS, HIVE, STEEM, and EOS blockchain. We would also expand further in due course. With this process, we believe that utility and liquidity would keep growing in a positive direction to help the economy that would come from the great network hosted on the subdomains of https://telokanda.com. Kanda would also serve as rewards claimed on the telokanda platforms. Kanda is also a hive-engine token meant to reward post shared on https://nitrous.telokanda.com (post.telokanda.com) about telokanda that makes use of telokanda tags and other telokanda related tags to receive upvotes from telokanda for creating these quality contents.

TLOS is the coin on the TELOS blockchain which sponsors telokanda and which the KANDA token is also being built upon. This is the coin users of telokanda have to buy and stake in their telos wallets to earn KANDA rewards on https://ads.telokanda.com. The higher the stake, the higher the rewards.
https://telokanda.com is the web address for the Telokanda’s main website!


1.https://ads.telokanda.com – Kanda advertisement system on telos
2.https://nitrous.telokanda.com – Kanda scot tribe on hive blockchain
3.https://weather.telokanda.com – Kanda weather group by Nicholas Lopez
4.https://discord.telokanda.com – Kanda socials for giveaway parties online
5.https://academy.telokanda.com – Kanda Academy on telos
6.https://entertainments.telokanda.com – Social Entertainment portal on telos
7.https://ddate.telokanda.com – Decentralized dating platform on telos
8.https://kandaworks.telokanda.com – Freelancing Platform on telos
9.https://projects.telokanda.com – To learn more about telokanda projects etc.
10.https://ambassador.telokanda.com – Read more about the ambassador program below
11.https://developers.telokanda.com Kanda developer forum for dev bounties and task
12.https://betting.telokanda.com – Kanda betting system.
13.https://tuc.telokanda.com – Telokanda/Telos university club connecting students and developers to the telokanda network and telos.

Any project which you click on a subdomain is not yet on and would soon be launched as time goes on



Many other ideas not mentioned will come into Telokanda as time goes on and they would all be launched as a sub-domain on the telokanda website. Each idea has different purposes and different use cases but each one will always create a new portal for onboarding more people into the telokanda network and the underlying blockchain technology.

The telokanda advertisement project would cut across every other telokanda project, displaying sponsored ads through widgets and plugins and would also launch affiliate marketing for telokanda sponsored ads as markups or markdowns HTML or javascript codes where bloggers and site owners could also display sponsored ads from telokanda and earn rewards/ revenue shares for clicks.


After the launch of TELOKANDA 1.1, telokanda will launch its ambassador program in many other countries from all the continents in the world. It would be hosted on the subdomain ambassador.telokanda.com, a team of telokanda promoter scattered across the globe and would be rewarded with Kanda tokens for their works.
These ambassadors would be rewarded in KANDA tokens for using their referral links to onboard people to telokanda and EOSIO, the kind of promotion they do, etc.



Telokanda is on a mission to build a blockchain network that adds value, inspires, entertains, pays, educates, and rewards participants. To build a business network on the blockchain.
Telokanda has a vision of creating a decentralized network of blockchain enthusiasts and a blockchain community for all to add great value to the network.

OUR MOTTO: “Telokanda - rewards for actions!”


TLOS is the coin from the TELOS blockchain of which TELOKANDA is built on, and it is the coin which users of the telokanda network have to buy to upgrade their Kanda accounts to a higher level. The higher the telokanda account, the higher the rewards in KANDA. TLOS is the major token for staking which would help determine the rewards.

KANDA is Telokanda’s main token, would be used to reward users who make use of any project launched on TELOKANDA for the specific actions they take. Not all actions might be rewarded and the rewards for each action differ concerning the type of TELOKANDA account and the type of action taken. It would also be used for staking as telokanda progresses in the future.

Kanda is also a steem-engine token on steemit created by TELOKANDA. It is also used to reward posts on steemit that uses the Telokanda tags or tags of projects related to TELOKANDA. Users of telokanda and telokanda associated tags for their posts on steemit will also be rewarded with upvotes from @telokanda on steemit.

Kanda is also a token on the telos blockchain created as a smart contract by the telokandaone accounts and the KANDA minted on hive-engine can be sent cross-chain to the telos blockchain through the gateway, and each time one Kanda on hive-engine is sent to telos and received in the holding wallet, it is burnt and then 1 Kanda on telos is minted and vice versa.

Kanda Maximum supply ever is capped at 1 billion tokens across both blockchains.
BTC, ETH, EOS, HIVE, AND STEEM, etc, are other coins that are planned to be traded on the telokanda exchange to buy and sell TLOS or KANDA they are also being used on Kanda social platforms like discord and telegram to tip active users.



This distribution formula applies to all the Kanda tokens that would ever be minted on the Kanda network
10% of the maximum supply that would ever be minted is dedicated to the telokanda founders.
15% to the KANDA development funds/KANDA projects
10% to the KANDA promotion funds.
5% to pay KANDA workers/ambassadors
10% to the KANDA tribe
50 % to the KANDA reward pool on the telokanda network.

Note that the maximum supply = 1 BILLION KANDA TOKENS

The token economy of KANDA a native token on telokanda is used to reward users of the Telokanda on platforms, to pay for ads, for transactions on the telokanda network like payments, buying, and selling of services, etc. Just like any other currency.
The inflation of this token will be controlled at a good annual printing rate, (APR) to avoid inflations.

The rewards in KANDA tokens given to each telokanda user on ads.telokanda.com reduces by 5% each KANDA YEAR (each Kanda year is made up of 15 months and the TELOKANDA new year start after every 15 months). This will help reduce the printing of KANDA tokens to add more value to it as time goes on.


A KANDA YEAR is made up of 15 months from a normal 28/29/30/31 days a month and this launched on 1st December 2019, and Kanda new year would be celebrated 15 months later after 1st December 2019. The first telokanda new year would be celebrated on 1st February 2021. A list of dates for the Kanda new year celebration would be available on the telokanda.com website.


  1. Home page: will redirect users to the homepage of their accounts where they will have feeds of adverts posted by other telokanda accounts for them to take actions on.

  2. Profile page: will display the profile of the user and username, registration ID, user bio, etc.

  3. Portfolio Dashboard: This is where the user will see and manage all his/her funds and cryptocurrencies, the user can send, receive, deposit or withdraw from this section and can also swap their tokens here.

  4. Telokanda projects: This is where users can buy and sell ads by posting it themselves to submit and ads have to be approved before it is accepted to appear on the feeds of telokanda users to take actions.

  5. Task page: will be posting task and contest from telokanda and telokanda partners which when they complete the task, they will take screen-shots of it and fill a form on the website, describe the task completed with a minimum of 50 words then upload the screenshot or link to the YouTube video they made to submit.

  6. About page: This is where Telokandians will learn how to use telokanda and will also get educated about telos, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. It should be made possible that the telokanda team can upload links to YouTube videos here, upload images and text to describe the topic being discussed.

  7. Telokanda exchange: This tab will open for users to choose to click either sesacash.com, newdex.io, or any other exchange who has telokanda and TLOS tokens listed on their website so that Telokandians can trade the coins. Rooms should be made for other exchanges to be added in the future

  8. Contact us

  9. Partner with us

More projects that could be listed on telokanda or that would partner with telokanda would be given a page through telokanda projects on the main website that redirects to their projects.


Any post on https://nitrous.telokanda.blog or on https://hive.blog which is about telos and telokanda that uses the tags: telokanda, Kanda, telos, tlos, and other telokanda related tags will get an upvote from @telokanda on hive.blog and will also get rewards in Kanda tokens on hive-engine


  • Telokanda founders and core team
  • Telos Blockchain
  • Douglas Thorn - Head of Telos core devs, CEO goodblocks.io
  • Kandaweather.org by Nicholas Lopez


The number of people in the core team is liable to increase or decrease and updates would be communicated to the telokanda community

1.Emmanuel Patrick

2.Mfonobong George

3.Zachary Williams
+1 (619) 302-0398

4.Nicholas Lopez
Core Developer
+1 (954) 290-8440

5.Godwin Isong
Core Developer

6.Emmanuel Igunnu
Core Developer


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