And today am here in Nitrous

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Wow.. Feels good to be here, heard a lot concerning nitrous and so I went up there and looked it up. Just by checking any search engine, you will see it. Here am I and am not shy to say am a novice here so I will appreciate all new friends and acquaintances. I am here with a good heart, want to meet more people, want to learn more about nitrous, telokanda and trading and mining and powering up.

As I came around here and I have seen some posts about cryptocurrencies and finances, I am very much interested in being here and sharing articles and posts concerning cryptocurrencies and financial situations and financial remedies..

I will encourage all on the platform to keep doing whatsoever they are doing never forgetting that they still have to make daily posts which could earn them some cool coins. All you have to do is deliver a good content, use the right tags and follow the right community members and make new friends and always come to discuss in partylounge in telokanda discord server.

Cryptocurrency tokens are the only way out. This is taking over the world, some individuals are still unaware of this updated information. Once you realize this, you will know the way forward. Me walking into a store and making some purchase and my method of payment seems to be by sending some tokens. Every transaction is just movement of cryptocurrencies tokens.

I promise to comply by the rules of this community and to respect all members. I will appreciate comments on the guide around here.


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I have connections with many Venezuelans on how was instrumental in providing the critical source of income to survive in their local economy. But more important is that they also build substantial capital to thrive as well.
It takes time, and network, you can achieve as far as you want to go.
TeloKanda.nitrous is an entry point to the Hive blockchain and things can get better from here.
I noticed you used the Leofinance tag, here you will learn plenty about Crypto based Investment initiatives like CUB, plenty of different opinions and insights on other coins as well as it's own native LEO Token.
GEMS, PALNET, and NEOXIAN are also other great HIVE communities with their own Token as well.

Get exploring and Welcome to HIVE @maxelitereturned


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yeah i hope evryone on kanda is using LEO hah its the portal! @leofinance hes the captain!

Its not in leos interest to know where the leo servers are

lol smart pipe

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