Telokanda Virtual Crypto Rain Party

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I will be hosting another Telokanda Weekend Discord party tonight also tagged Crypto rain party. Telokanda is a decentralized advertisement and blogging platform which uses Telos, Hive and EOSIO Blockchain smart contracts. Our aim is to enlighten thousands and millions of Africans about the usefulness of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. The Crypto rain party takes place by 8pm GMT +1 every Friday night and lasts for an hour. We use this medium to airdrop tokens to Africans and users from different continents in the world including crypto enthusiasts, developers, bloggers, graphic designers, traders etc

Telokanda has a native currency called KANDA which can be traded using the KANDA/TLOS Trading pair on Newdex and it is also available on Hive-engine.

Giveaways are hosted with the @kandabot while the coins are being tipped out to the community members with the use of @tipcc @tipit bots. Join the party to earn free HIVE, KANDA, TLOS, CHL, BTC, EOS, ETH. Join our quiz session, emoji game session, airdrops, redpackets, redenvelopes etc. We have been able to tip out close to $2000 through Discord.

Top 3 Tippers on Telokanda Discord

Top 3 BTC tippers on Telokanda Discord

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The Crypto rain party holds every Friday by 8pm GMT+1, 7pm UTC, 7pm GMT.

Post your contents via the Telokanda nitrous interface to earn both KANDA and Hive

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See you there

Always investment talks and fun on the Telokanda Discord server.