My New Wireless Headset Just Arrived

in Telokanda2 months ago


Good day everyone,

I just bought me a new BASS PURE Wireless Version 5 Bluetooth headphone so it can aid me in making good videos for my music and cryptocurrency promotion. The headphone which I ordered last week just landed today and I am super happy. It's possesses Lithium Battery with Capacity of 250mAh and has operation distance of 10m.


Thanks to my online entrepreneurship hustle as that is what provided me with the means of getting this Headphone. I want to use this medium to urge my African brothers and sisters who normally deliberate whether to venture into the Crypto world or not to start investing and trading Crypto now so as to become an early adopter. This gadget will really help me in my 3speak and YouTube video making and other musical related stuffs.

Meanwhile, my latest tunes will be dropping in two weeks time. So fasten your seatbelts while preparing for the awesomeness of what's coming. Listen to my previous track here



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