How To Power Up Free EOS Resources (CPU)

in Telokanda22 days ago alongside the global blockchain team recently worked on their system upgrade by deploying a fresh resource allocation model on the EOSIO Blockchain and the way resources are being managed have now been changed, so this post will be helpful to those EOSIO Blockchain based App or wallet users who are having Resources issues (CPU).


You can power up free CPU via this website easily and this is available for you every 12 hours. All you have to do is type in your EOS username in the box provided on the page and click on ‘POWER UP’ to power up free resources every 12 hours.

Power Up CPU here:)

There is also a package for automatic power ups when you activate it. More info on the resource allocation model here

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Let’s go EOS I think EOS is about to see a lot of really good projects coming out!

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Hopefully! Telos is the most powerful blockchain.

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Yeah I have some telos but I don’t know what dapps they have. Any suggestions?

Cool. Great to know

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