Im Buying a few dollars worth of KANDA everyday, and who knows I may drop $100 and buy up the whole sell order book to get ready for the Telos Kanda SMart Contract Locking

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Come get some KANDA UBI for Africa we use and for Planetary DYnamic Income
KANDAlogoHUGEnwlife.png and

and earn KANDA here KANDA TOKENS for HIVE posts! use #telokanda and EARN and post ADS< promoted posst that pay 1 KANDA at least, get shown on the discord AND soon #telokanda posts from twitter and instagram get funneled into discord and posted on hive AND PAID BACK to their original users who can check in and get DISCORD kanda or tWITTER kanda on @tipitbot and @tipcc

YEAH WE GOT A REAL MAZE of social media ads and blockchain with telos hive eos @challengedac twitter discord instagram all of it connected via transaction ids and user accounts and advertising tokens

its a huge perfect storm MESS of an ecosystem like any jungle!


ya know, one day we wont be able to issue anymore kanda on telos or hive without a smart contracts permission with community voting and so it wont just be up to 3 guys ;)

Wanna get in on this?

were also on Newdex a rare feat for hive engine tokens

and were on

and were on

and were on the Telos proposal System (Soon to have a KANDA proposal system when KANDA is on teh TELOS DECIDE smart contract






![worksdecide2.png](UPLOAD FAILED)


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Hope you have filled my orders one day 😂

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