Backup Voice Posts to Hive ... let the tribalism of voice begin! Here I prove how simple you can make Voice people be pro voice and Hive people Pro Hive,

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Signup today to and get your free Hive Wallets 3 hive fee paid for free while supplies last, and then you can use htps:/ and just a posting key or permissions to allow altyes repost your posts automatically and you can havet hem tweeted as well. So imagine one dapp to share your voice links to twitter and to HIVE to back it up

because frankly i proved that voice WIL delete any posts it thinks are bad without any respect for your data and the work put in. They just allow anyone to report any post, so if you speak out against Chinese in Tibet, and show organ harvesting they can restrict the post as long as enough communist party members all decide to Flag your Post!

Prevent Political Flaggings and post your Proud Boy Meetups without fear by backing up your Voice.composts on

The left posts Antifa posts on voice but they arent taken down as hate speech when antifa is an official government designated terror organization.

But Voice would rather remove 4chan and proud boys posts lol

So whatever side your on, if you just want freedom to post fucking roman alphabet squiggles ABC and arabic numbers 1-9 in whatever order you want

heres a list of bad words on wikipedia

"Analyses of recorded conversations reveal that an average of roughly 80–90 words that a person speaks each day – 0.5% to 0.7% of all words – are swear words, with usage varying from 0% to 3.4%. In comparison, pronouns (we, us, our) make up 1% of spoken words."

hahahaha so profanity is just another supply and demand scam!

they are only valuable for REACTION and ATTENTION if we DONT use them so they must be the signal and regular blahblah blah ra ra ra english drone is the noise

this is why I was born with Tourette's Syndrome and diagnosed in Americas BioTech Capital La Jolla, CA ..OneVoice technology and AXIOS bank its all connected

I have connections to local conservative media empire OANN One America News Network which is so close to my house I can laze the building from across mission valley at night haha and I interviewed for a job there, and now its Trumps favorite news network ABOVE Fox. And there it will remain for DECADES and i have a POOL of TRILLIONS in collective American Conservative wealth

look an eos and eosio hand sign eos gang sign

Uploading image #4... to backup your posts on even more blockchains including steem bitshares ethereum even golos and theres multiple hah soon youll have a way to post to over 10 chains and just imagine trying to censor that.


check out my great 6k voice post i spent curating (voice is like imagine if u couldnt transfer your hive just upvoted, and no upvote strength lol ...there RIGHT there something as simple as being able to divide up your own upvote THAT FREEDOM is respected on steem/hive but not voice lol oh well, eos has ATMOS