164,275 users 11,100 servers and 1.8 Million Members tipping ~855,318.67 in total with maybe Millions on reserve (Heres what Neoxian City just Got with its Tip.cc Listing (and why EVERY hive-engine token should do it and why HIVE should ASSIMILATE tipcc

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164,275 users of @tipcc now have access to gambling, airdrops escrow, and all sorts of features


Learn more here https://tip.cc

Discord here https://discord.gg/5kjykUy

this could be the way neoxian and leo and other hive-engines create an arms race and poach tens of thousands of Ethereum users who can use https://blocktrades.us to convert eth to hive, and hive to hive-engine tokens which has a volume that can and will only GROW from here to approach $100k a day then $1M a day

The reason for this is Uniswap is getting boring AND the projects SUCK and people would rather be around PEOPLE not automated barely immutable crap just WAITING to be screwed the same way justinsun befuddled stem, vitaliks Eth Ent alliance will pull the metaphysical rug out and prove that you CAN use the power of the network to !confiscate tokens and property....while DPOS prevents such power grabs from top down.

you can even see here we wil son have BTC satoshi for NEOXAG discord swaps!


once the federal government runs ethereum, the freedom markets move to eosio and HIVE https://hive-engin.com where people can setup a project and list for $15 to $20 and we MUST spread that word and WE CAN HAVE at least 1 to5 to even 10% of their multi billion dollar marketcap1

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