My Entry for PhotoBomb Contest - 179

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Hello all ...
This is my entry for the PhotoBomb Challenge.

PhotoBomb Challenge is a initiative by @fibra59

Entry 2



If you wanna participate in the contest please go through the below rules -

For this contest, a photobomb is considered a valid entry when you use the provided image and insert it into a picture of your choice to make it look funny.

  • Entry must be posted in Photobomb Challenge Community (
  • Title of every entry must contain "PhotoBomb challenge # - Entry #"
  • End of challenge will be on Thursday at 12:00 (UTC +1)
  • Entry must have #photobombchallenge hashtag
  • Each user can have up to 3 entries that will be considered in challenge
  • Announcement of winners will be on Thursday

To know more about the contest please check this link

Thanks for stopping by my post.


This is a very funny one, Cats fighting over drink.
Hope they won't spoil it.
Good luck with the contest.

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HI @mk992039,

I'm just wondering if you're done playing on the delegated Splinterlands account. I haven't seen any recent activity on it. You can keep playing on it if you want but if you're done I'm going to begin the process of undelegating cards.

Please let me know either way :)


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