2021 will be the "Last Year of IGNORANCE"

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This will apply for many things, but the last true bastion of total ignorance, I believe, is CRYPTO. I think many have heard, but very few understand. It is said that only 100,000,000 people in the entire world own any crypto at all. That is approximately ONE in EIGHTY. We all who have this ADVANTAGE over most of our peers must capitalize on it. There are many ways to do this:

  1. Keep HODLing!
    It's the easiest way to grow our funds, keep it in rising sectors and coins. In our case HERE, I strongly suggest LEO over Hive and Steem. After this Bull Run, HIVE will DIVE and Steem will "condense" back to water. Just my 2c, But I see LEO as a rising star! It is CLEARLY the best of the three.

  2. Keep INVESTING!
    Find new bargains, throw out some "seed money" and also keep feeding the existing Beast Coins. I'm LONG ETH and as any smart investor should do, some BTC as well. Plus, LEO (of course!) and the new kid on the block, BTC/MYK. Plus a few others, my off chain portfolio is doing VERY WELL, the ETH has risen a lot for me...

  3. RECRUIT Others!
    Some exchanges have ref links, and showing a new recruit a portfolio shot like THIS can have a huge impact!!
    This was actually generated by a hack attempt of Crypto dot Com in Sept. 2020 by some bad actors who actually had accounts on the exchange/app. I had alerts for prices set and they went off as I was having Sunday dinner with my dear old Dad! These haxors did an HFT and pumped the prices to over $32,000 for ETH and then attempted to cash out 🤣🤣🤣 to no avail. That's what CDC told us, fwiw.

  4. SPREAD the WORD!
    Even if you don't get direct recruits, people will still join some coin, somewhere, and build up market caps and momentum. Every entrant into the crypto space indirectly helps us ALL. The next milestone for marketcap of ALLCoins is $10T (we are at $1.59T) So think about your crypto holdings, what will it be at 6x of where you are now? Will it be This Year, or Next Year?? Just think about your portfolio at...

80x❓❓❓ 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️


I'll be a multi-millionaire for certain. MASS ADOPTION will bring in much more "Institutional Money" and individuals $$$ as well, so once we reach "World Saturation" it should be much greater than an 80x gainer. IF you are in the correct coins.

BIG IF! 😬😨😱

FINALLY: Have an Exit Plan...
Or more like I am doing, have a profit-taking plan. Mine is Precious Metals. I knew an old boy back in the Steem Days, in 17 and 18, @EdwinDMickey and he told us in a post that he had bought a car and a boat and some other smaller, but really neat goodies with his Steem coins. He must have had a TON of cheap steem, to buy a boat and a car. But he was a 70 rep when I was starting! So peeps like us, EARLY in on LEO when it was around 1c are doing pretty well I suppose. I'm not saying sell off LEO but any big gainer is subject to a sell off. Especially those further from the big coins like BTC, ETH and so forth. Just saying don't be a STOOGE like I was for Steem, I got a 10x gainer and Hodled to the bottom. In stocks it's called a STOP-LOSS and I'm going to set my sights on a -10% after peak. For the speculative stuff... 😜

So there it is, I'm reasonably sure that LEO will be better than Steem ever was, HIVE is not even in the same conversation. I know a lot of LEO peeps don't want to hear that, they are actually just Hive folks who have some LEO as a hedge, in my mind. I'm LEO all the way, I'll prolly even totally divest my Hive. Unless there is some advantage PROVEN to keep it. Hard to say. 🤷‍♂️

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You are doing well bro!😄 HODL today, smile tomorrow

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So, we need to shill harder?


Certainly! I'd say it cannot hurt.

Thanks for stopping in "48"!

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Pedal to the Metal! Haven't gotten around to the Pi thing yet honey, on my 'To do List'.

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Get Up ON IT!!!
Your losing 2-3 PI a day, or more if you do referrals!


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I can believe what you were saying very few people actually understand anything with crypto. If I talk to someone that's outside the crypto world I have to mention bitcoin that's the only thing people understand LOL!

I've run into that as well and decided to just stick to Bitcoin for now, as any mention of "altcoin" tends to confuse them. Maybe ease them into it later on. For now, they can think there's one coin to rule them all! :)

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Most people that have some knowledge via Media about Bitcoin
go all the way back to SILK ROAD. That is worse than no idea...

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Lol ...that sounds wise! I tried to explain that I mine...that didn't go very well!🤣


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I say "BITCOIN and other crypto assets" or just BITCOIN.

We are the 1 out of 80 or so, then there may be like 5 or 6 that
have some awareness, and then a much larger number who have it
register on their mind...

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Times are starting to change @underground, slowly......PayPal, institutional investors, we are getting there! 😀

It's going to be interesting. I think LEO really does have a great future. But there's definitely a very big place for Hive to thrive as well. The entire Hive ecosystem could be a monster come the next bull run. I wouldn't be divesting myself of all my Hive just yet. Just my opinion...

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THIS Bull Run is still going, fwiw.

Hive could revive, yes, but if not, I still have substantial
Cheddar in Hive that could be really earning a lot more elsewhere. 🤷‍♂️

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Hope LEO got us xxx in future.

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Hmmm... that's a thought!

They say ignorance is bliss, but missing a boat can surely cause a person to walk. I feel you in that department. This year, it's all about the books man.

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Seems I am about to get another job, Just In Time for some major STACKING


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Damp eeet all to doge bro now! Seriously, btc going down! Alt season! Or bring it to HIVE! Yikes!! 😱

How did u get fet fetch ai in the app? And Vechain too? I cannot even buy it to get a deposit address? I would like to get some too! Thanks!! 🙏