TokoCrypto X Solana 10,000 SOL Coin Giveaway

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TokoCrypto lists Solana coin as the listing celebration Solana and TokoCrypto share a giveaway of 10,000 SOL. Every Indonesian level 1 kyc verified users can participate in this event. It's not a huge giveaway but if you have already a TokoCrypto verified account then it's easy to join for you. Now i'm going to share the details of the giveaway.

Source: Twitter

Total Random Rewards : 8250 SOL

1 Random Winner = 500 SOL
50 Random Winners = 20 SOL
1000 Random Winners = 3 SOL
5000 Random Winners = 1 SOL

Rotal Referral Rewards: 1750 SOL

1 Top Referrals: 250 SOL
15 Top Referrals: 50 SOL
50 Top Referrals: 15 SOL

How To Join The Giveaway:

Signup Or Login On TokoCrypto And Complete At Least KYC Level 1: TokoCrypto Signup Link

Visit Solana Giveaway Page:

Submit your name, TokoCrypto exchange uid and others information

Then scroll down subscribe newsletter, join telegram group, follow twitter, refer at least one friend as mentioned there

Finally complete the Quiz answer. I do my own research and got the answers below. And my all answers were correct while i submit the answer got the message "Nice job! You answered all the questions correctly.

Complete Quiz Here:

Quiz Answers:

Question 1: How many transactions per second did Solana process in its last global benchmark?
Answer: 59,490

Question 2: What is the core innovation letting Solana perform faster than any other blockchain?
Answer: Proof of history: a decentralized

Question 3: How many seconds are Solana's block times?
Answer: 0.4

Question 4: Where did Solana's founders work on embedded systems and operating systems for 15 years?
Answer: All of the above

Hope guys you understand the joining process. It's very simple to join. I will share more amazing crypto giveaway in coming days. Stay turned....

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