Coinmarketcap X Sandbox Learn And Earn Program

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Sandbox aims to bring blockchain into mainstream gaming and attracting game enthusiasts. Sandbox learn and earn program is currently live on coinmarketcap. If you are interested in this platform then you will take part in this event and earn some free tokens. So let's join the event...


How to join the event:

  • At first you have to create an account on coinmarketcap:

  • Create or login on Binance and must complete KYC if you join for reward: Signup Binance

  • Visit the learn and earn program page:

  • Click "Get Started" and watch the videos one by one and finally create an account on Sandbox using the same email address that you also use to create coinmarketcap account

  • Finally click on "Take the Quiz " I watched the videos and found below answers. I suggest you first do your own research before complete the Quiz

Here is the quiz answers:

What is the total supply of SAND tokens?
Ans: 3,000,000,000

On which blockchain is The Sandbox ecosystem currently developed onto?
Ans: Ethereum

What is the main The Sandbox virtual world primary focus for users?
Ans: Playing games

What is NOT one of the main utility token of The Sandbox ecosystem?
Ans: Stablecoin

What is the name of the NFT Maker creation tool in The Sandbox that lets you make 3D game assets and tokenize them for putting on the Marketplace?
Ans: VoxEdit

How can users monetize their games on The Sandbox?
Ans: All of the above

What tokens standards do The Sandbox use for its technology?
Ans: All of the above.

What can users do with the ASSETS bought on the marketplace?
Ans: Integrate them and Publish their game experiences

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