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RE: HBD Interest is Great

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I've been buying discounted HBD since the bearish trend began with few hive engine tokens, I've also saved all I've earned from posts in the past six months at least. I'm not sure I have enough to make any significant amount but yeah it's not zero do it's fine. Let the hardfork happen already, I'll like to use the savings thing

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That's great man, I've been looking to dip my toes into grabbing some HBD at a discount but haven't got enough liquid hive to do that. I could exchange it for the 3 day stuff I guess and get it at the 1.00 rate but I'm holding out for a spike in the price lol. If it doesn't happen by the 26th I'll process my HBD for hive to participate in power up day. I do like your method though! I'm stacking literally every token I get so my hive engine rewards are all being powered up.

While we are on the subject of hive engine do you know about LEODex and multiplying votes for tribes? I just learned of it a few weeks ago and it's amazing!

Multiplying votes?

My problem with using Leodex is that it requires Keychain to log in and I'm on mobile, so I can't use it...

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