The Dogecoin Effect Part 3: Mail Call from Sillvergoldbull, The Beast has Landed

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

I have to mix things up a bit in the shopping spree.
And Nyssacat373 was not involved in this acquisition.

I’d like to explain one of my longer termed goals when I got into the Crypto world. It was an inspiration from a former member named @goldenarms who achieved his milestone and posted his TWO One Ounce gold bars. A magnificent achievement to that I heartily congratulated him upon and desired to do the same. But after three years that goal of gold still seemed far away until Elon gave my Dogecoin his rubber stamp.

100 Pounds United Kingdom - The Queen’s Beast Completer
Reverse; The Heraldic Beasts around portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
THE QUEEN'S BEASTS · 1oz · FINE GOLD· 999.9 · 2021, J.C.
Gold 0.9999, Weight 31.21g
Diameter 32.69mm

Unfortunately, Goldenarms left our community having achieved his goal and has not returned except for a comment or two since. I do not plan to leave as he did. With so much potential of opportunities in the Crypto marketplace of Ideals I’d be crazy to leave with so much to learn and with the bulk of the remaining capital, a portfolio to build.

100 Pounds United Kingdom - The Queen’s Beast Completer
Obverse; Queen Elizabeth II, fifth portrait facing right
Edge; Reeded

These achievements whether by luck and or hard work was validated by achieving this significant milestone and just raises my confidence in blockchain technology and it’s immutable role in future commerce.

I am just a lucky Silver Stacking Pirate lass, not a Bloody Financial advisor! ~ The Bloody Raven

With the bulk of the remaining capital I have yet to decide whether to maintain a HODL strategy for all or in part. Perhaps HODL 50%, with 25% under a passive Income project or two and 25% in a Stable coin to look or wait for buying opportunities. This is new ground for me and quite exciting, I will get into some detail with Part 4: The Crypto side of the Equation.

1961 1 Pound Elizabeth II
Lathework, Seated Britannia, Portrait of Elizabeth Regina II
Text; I Promise to pay the Bearer on Demand the sum of One Pound,
LONDON, For the Govr. and Compa. Of the BANK of ENGLAND
Serial number, L.K. O’Brien, serial number

Now that I have this gorgeous gold Completer coin, I may just as well finish the set by picking up the last two Queen’s Beast Five Pound silver coins to finish the series. I should mention that I got these Silver coins elsewhere with the usual fiat from my Stacking budget whereas the gold Completer Beast, well Silvergoldbull was still happy to accept my freshly doge exchanged Litecoin.

1961 1 Pound Elizabeth II
Reverse; Britannia seated with shield, holding spear and olive branch
Reference P#374a

White Horse of Hanover
  • Year; 2020 Queen’s Beast
  • Denomination; 5 pounds GBP
  • Silver 0.9999
  • Weight 62.42g
  • Diameter 38.61mm
  • Thickness 5.4mm
  • Reference Sp#QBA9

White Greyhound of Richmond

  • Year; 2021 Queen’s Beast
  • Denomination; 5 Pounds GBP
  • Silver 0.9999
  • Weight 62.42g
  • Diameter 38.61mm
  • Thickness 5.4mm
  • Reference Sp#QBA10

Still spicing things up, what kind of silver do you have in your Stack?

Thank you for coming aboard my blog today!

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100 Pounds United Kingdom - The Queen’s Beast Completer
1961 1 Pound Elizabeth II
Numista; The White Horse of Hanover
Numista; The White Greyhound of Richmond
For the Complete information of the Queen’s Beasts Bullion line click here

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Awesome miracle money spent well. I used my crypto profits for mine as well. That was my first ever one ounce gold coin.
Tag Master approved.👊🏻

Your First one?
And I though you have a lot of gold coins, it's just that you have yet to show them.
Your post inspired me to get this Completer. And @thedamus reinforced the ideal in my head.
And in a way that makes us a Hive Family.

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Yep, my first one ounce gold coin. I do have the entire centennial gold coin set graded PF70 but the walking Liberty is only a half ounce. The only sizes I bought were 1/10 & 1/4 oz. and not many. I do have the entire queens beast in 1/4 gold. That’s primarily my gold stack. I’ve been hardcore silver since I started again. Oh and numismatic coins.

I sent his a DM of it once I got it in hand. A couple days later he did the same back to me.🤣🤣🤣 We are a stacker family. Don’t worry I’ll get up to Canada soon I hope.

AWESOME sis!!!
It is a great 1 oz piece, and a good way to spend your Dogecoin on!

Hugs and Kisses sis 🥰🌺🤙!!

You could be right Sis, I could be turning into a Gold bug this year.

Always, with a love like Gold 🤗 🌺 💖

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A super great addition to the stack, nice!

Thanks to the Doge!

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Is this Mic working? (taps on mic) “Thump thump” I wish to thank the Members of this SGS community, all the Subs, Devs, Mods, members of the Academy, my peers, and everyone for this New coin. My Mom and Dad! Maybe Elon only if he also accepted eco-friendly Dogecoin for Tesla payment but he didn't. Thank you too all the people on Binance that bought my Dogecoin. And those fans up there in the balcony I love you all, Thank you! (Blows a kiss before accidentally falling off the stage) “I’m okay”

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that is 1 sexy oz

And a big check off this item listed on the "No hope in hell" shopping list that later was upgraded to the "Pray for a Miracle" List.
Oh, how fortunes change.

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That was very kind of Elon to help you get that beauty! I am still waiting for him to plug Hive. haha. Great choice and I wish you luck on deciding what to do with the rest of your stake. 😍

If you only knew what I am cooking up next other than the Crypto side of this. Hmmm, another crypto market bloodbath this morning I see. That's why we stack PMs as well as Crypto, diversification!

Thanks for the Comment @bdmillergallery

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Very, very nice @kerrislravenhill! Gold is always good for long term and I'm happy you were able to get what you desired! Enjoy it! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend!

Another insane week behind me, it's so hard to wind down even after achieving a milestone. Trying to enjoy my weekend and get some Sun.

Thanks @elizabethbit

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Yes, @kerrislravenhill! Don't forget to stop and smell the roses! It can be so hard to do that in today's world. I'm struggling with the same. Have an awesome week!

Ohh...that's so nice @kerrislravenhill!!😀 The Queens Beast one ounce four nines Gold coin is beautiful my friend, an excellent achievement adding this to your stack!🤗

Been feeling older than my chronological age so gold a good fit to rebalance the excess Crypto Stack with a less volatile asset. That was my immediate plan. And it is a beautiful way to do it.

Thanks @silvertop

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So very true @kerrislravenhill, it's always nice to hold something less volatile lol!😀
Crypto is never volatile...🤣

Almost missed this post. Congrats with that marvelous Completer or Terminator as I call it. Put it away safe and it will help you soemwhere in the future I am sure . (Or use it for a holiday as that is important too)

A fabulous coin featuring my own read of this design being...

Elizabeth as THE ruling 'Beast' descended from a family line that conquered almost three quarters of the world.
I'm thinking Cruise, even if it is on my deck with an electric fan and a spray bottle.

Thanks for the comment @goldrooster

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@kerrislravenhill! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @monsterjamgold.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (4/20)

Thanks for the Lunch!

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And thanks for the drink to go with the pizza.

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Hey @kerrislravenhill, here is a little bit of BEER from @monsterjamgold for you. Enjoy it!

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