The Dogcoin Effect: Mail Call from HK Colonial coins and Nyssacat373

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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

For the past few months, I have been divesting my holding of those cute Dogey coins. Personally, I never thought they would be worth more than a fiat nickel at best and when it got there, I’d sell off $1000 of it and put 50% of that into silver bullion and 50% into Hive, Leo tokens and the remaining Doge left in my cold wallet. That was the plan.

When the Dogecoin price blew far past my nickel target I had to change my plan and set my sights much higher. The windfall had suddenly met a few longer termed goals that I never thought possible at this time. A few goals that I had originally made when I first signed on to Steem /Hive. I’ll elaborate on those in later posts.

For now, have I got an exotic treat for you today.

From HK Colonial Coins…

Po Sang Gold Smith 10 Tael Silver Bar
Top; Left- Po Sang Great Wall stamp, Right- Purity Stamp
Purity Stamp Text; 99.9% FINE SILVER 10 TAELS
Wt.= 10 Tael or 12.15 Troy Oz.
100mm x 39.5mm x 9.6mm

So, why this Bar?

I have some Asian ancestry in me as my grandparent is Chinese and came to Canada to flee Communism. They had a gainful life living in a large home compound with a productive tract of land that had been in the family for many generations until the Communists took over at gun point. To add, their father was a Gold Smith by trade before his crooked partner swindled him out of the business.

He still had a stash of silver coin that he gave his son and daughter to emigrate to Canada and make a life for themselves and planned to sponsor the rest of the family over at some later date. Unfortunately, he passed away before coming to Canada.

Therefore, this silver bar would represent that part of my ancestry that I know very little about. We never knew what the name of his Gold Smith business my great grandparent originally founded and may well not be likely the Po Sang Gold Smith business itself. Perhaps they didn’t want to relive old wounds.

Oh, I how I wish I paid better attention at the dinner table.

Po Sang Gold Smith 10 Tael Silver Bar
Bottom; Left- Purity Stamp, Right- Po Sang Gold Smith Great Wall stamp
Purity Stamp Text; 99.9% FINE SILVER 10 TAELS
Hong Kong, Poured prior to 2001

Cool Vintage Chinese silver bar huh? We won't see too many of these in North America and is now inducted into my Permastack as a reminder to my descendants of their ancestral heritage.

And for our second feature of Exotic Silver

Lee Cheong 1 Tael 37.7g and 15g poured Silver Buttons
1 Tael (37.7g) Button; Lee Cheong Gold Dealers, Ship Logo, 999
and 15g Button; Sailing Ship Logo
Private Mintage, Backs are blank.

The Ship Logo represents the Chinese Gold and Silver exchange Society in Hong Kong. It is a physical Gold exchange and has been in business for 110 years and it is by no means a small operation having 171 corporate members ranging from banks, bullion merchants, large jewelers, gold refineries, to financial Institutions, and with that has a key economic and advisory role in the Economy of Hong Kong and in the region.

Reputably, only a handful of these exist.
But the actual quantity is undocumented. This Tael is 38.56g

A further note of credit where due is Nyssacat373 as he referred me to HK Colonial Coins in finding that special piece that is well beyond the ordinary stacking fare.
It had to be special.

I should not be surprised anymore but he did it again, Nyssacat373 also purchased and included the 15g (Actually 15.11g) Lee Cheong button in my shipment. 💋 Again, that is so sweet of you Nyssacat373 so what else do you have planned?

Other Goodies from the most resourceful HK Colonial Coins
A little preview of what to come.
Thank you @punkysdad for loaning me the Chinese banknotes.

I plan to spend around a quarter of my windfall on some precious metals with the criteria being of a form that is out of the ordinary in addition to what I regularly Stack. Last week’s post on my deal with @monsterjamgold is just the first of the Dogecoin effect.

Thank you for coming aboard unto me pirate blog today!

And, keep on Stacking those Precious Metals and Cryptos!

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!

Dogecoin Effect Posts

1L. Leofinance; Mail Call from Monster Jam Gold
1P. Peakd; Mail Call from Monster Jam Gold
2. Mail Call from hkcolonialcoins and Nyssacat373
3. Coming Next: Mail Call from hkcolonialcoins and Nyssacat373 Part 2


Wiki: Lee Cheong is the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society
HK Colonial Coins on Instagram
HK Colonial Coins on Ebay But don’t go here.
Why? Because on IG, he may give you a discount if you offer Crypto as payment.


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons
HKCC. HK Colonial coin IG quote, March 25, 2021

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Thanks for showing the Treasure, @kerrislravenhill. When the People of the World get reacquainted with Silver and its value...

Rather than fiat like this 2003 $20 banknote from the bank founded immediately following the egregious Opium Wars to handle the Reparations to the Western countries from China. Blood money. And HSBC is one of the most corrupt banks in the world charged most often of money laundering.

Thanks for dropping in @cve3

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I love it sis!
The bar and rounds consistent with your stack,
and Nyssacat373 sure is helping you build a better stack!
No wonder you are so Chinese-oriented, and know so much about their culture. That explains a lot of stuff!
I think it is very exciting!

Love you sis, and Hugs and Kisses 🥰🌺🤙!!

The Dogey Coin has Treated Her with Much !LUV Ms. Saver @silversaver888 and Brought some of Ms. @kerrislravenhill Dreams to Physical Life With the Silver She has Shown Here.................

Good things happen to good people, @stokjockey!

That Means there is Still A Chance For Me Ms. Saver .........

@silversaver888, you were given LUV from @stokjockey. About:

Thanks you very much @stokjockey!

Nyssacat373 also sent me this lovely Sterling Bat Pendant with little diamonds from Ross & Simon. He's certainly making me feel very special. I'm enjoying this attention. More treasures to come Sis.

Always, with Love 🤗 🌺 💖

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Great stuff. My nephew went from crypto value 25K EUR to now 12 K EUR. Too volatile for me to include my millions.....

I'd like to have a diverse mix of Silver, gold and Crypto as the ultimate off the grid savings and this is my opportunity to boost up the Crypto but at the same time have a great foundation in crypto.
24K to 12K? Ow!
He is young, and not easily discouraged.
You as the Uncle probably already encouraged the Nephew to consider getting into some PMs like his Uncle.
I recently gave two of my Nephews each 1000 Dogecoin at the time $0.50/Dogecoin, they were talking about Bitcoin and wanted to get into Cryptos and so here's their startup capital as an advanced birthday gift.
"Don't lose it all on the first Dip!"

Thanks for dropping in @goldrooster ☠️

These are awesome silver pieces!! It's so awesome you have profited so much more than you hoped for!! Keep winning @kerrislravenhill!!!!

We aren't financial Advisors, and I am just lucky. I can't even read Chinese except for the Numbers and a few Characters.

Thanks for Dropping in @fat-elvis

Bank of Communications, Shanghai October 1914

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Very cool pieces raven. And I looove that you have the wisdom and discipline to take some profit outta’ the doge-house and relocate to the stack house. Your ancestors would be proud of how you’ve chosen to honour them.

Living in a City with lots of Chinese, you'd learn a bit from them.
"The Best Chinese Restaurants are the ones with many Chinese customers!"
They respect and honor their ancestors, and plan ahead for their descendants.

Thanks for dropping in @thedamus

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Yes When you get Some Upside Moves I !LUV Those That put it in Physical Silver.............. Makes Sense to Me Young Lady....................

Ever since I discovered buying precious metals with crypto-currencies I was IN!
I see it as a tool to acquire more silver outside the limits of my regular income. In keeping with my original objectives I planned to take no more than a third and buy more metal. And that was revised down from three quarters since I realize that also having a decent Crypto portfolio is just as vital a part of a well diversified OFf-the-Grid Savings.

I !LUV that Thinking !!!

Awesome bar!! and really cool to know some of the history behind it. I like your strat of mixing things up and stacking unordinary pieces from time to time. keeps your collection interesting, and would it also help in potential resale value down the road?

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I intend to see that this bar stay in the Legacy Stack that is meant to be passed on to my descendants for generations to come. Using it's asset as equity to borrow cash for a business or Investment opportunity without relinquishing control of the Stack.
However, things unexpected can happen and It may be sold for very urgent reasons. Otherwise I want it kept as a reminder that the family has an Asian Legacy that should not be forgotten.

Thanks for dropping in @agr8buzz I knew I had a green colored note to go with your Avatar.

The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Jan 1987 $10 Dollars

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Sweet bill! fixed it up a bit..

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Might be an improvement.

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Those pieces are tremendous. I would love a bar like that in my collection. Dam I’m so jealous. Sorry to hear about what happened to your family. That’s a sad story. But it’s better that he got everyone out for a better life.

HKCC may still have the newer version 10 Tael bar with the two extra characters designating Po Sang as officially a Bank rather than a Gold Smith. HKCC's link is below if you like to inquire (he takes payment in Crypto).

Civil war crap happens. I'm sure those descendants are happier here than the back in their old country.
Thanks for the Comment @silverd510

Po Sang Bank Logo Post 2001

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wow loving the silk btw

I had this silk Outfit for eight years and since I am reminded that I gained a little more weight since I last wore it two years ago. I like it but will have to give up on the Post Easter and Halloween treats from now on if I hope to shoe horn my way into it again in another year.
Thanks for dropping in @monsterjamgold

The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) 5 Dollars March 1972

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I can understand the statement you made about paying more attention at the dinner table. We don't think about our Heritage when we were younger, and when the Grandparents pass, so does all the past Family History.....I did the same thing🙄
The Po Sang Gold Smith 10 Tael Silver Bar, and the Lee Cheong 1 Tael 37.7g and 15g poured Silver Button.... Awesome @kerrislravenhill!🤗

I want my grand children, If I get any, to ask about his bar and what relevance does it have/ And I can say that they have a Chinese Great Grandfather generations ago that was Gold Smith and I wanted this bar as a reminder of that part of the family tree. Like all parents, he wanted his descendants to thrive!

This is a controversial bank note that gave King George 'Asian Eyes' so that his Hong Kong subjects would be more accepting of him as their King. That's what @punkysdad told me.

Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

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That's interesting that they would alter his eyes on the bank note so his subjects would be more accepting..🤔
Lol... I like your comment about Grandchildren..."If I get any"🤣
We are still wondering if our two Married sons will EVER have kids Lol!
Have a good week @kerrislravenhill, I hope your days are less stressful, I remember you were trying to slow down a bit....

Very Cool! I can see why it's special to you both for the ancestry part but also for the beauty of them. I really like the buttons too. Thank you for sharing. An awesome addition to your 'permastack'! Take care sis!💜

Yes Sis, this silver bar spoke to be in volumes. There were so many angles to this bar begging to me to buy it. I bought it with Litecoin than I have earlier converted from Dogecoin.
It's vintage, lovely cooling lines, made by an official licensed operation, a great story and history and meshes in with a branch my family nicely.
Tying it in with the Lee Cheong buttons was a NO BRAINER!

The timing was exceptional that I've run into this piece of Economic history. More to come from this talented dealer in HK! BTW, i've decorated the comments with more pictures.

Thanks for dropping in @elizabetbit

1989 Standard Chartered Bank $10

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You are welcome always, sis! I noticed the cooling lines as well. Very nice. Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to seeing more! Take care!💜🌻

Super cool silver KLR! I was thinking of you when DOGE was going crazy, nice to see you smash some goals! :D

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I Got enough goodies for the next few posts. Stay tuned, while you're here check out the colorful Chinese Fiat I just decorated my Comments section with.

Thanks for dropping in @summertooth

1936 Central Bank of China 10 Yuan

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Beautiful gets my pirate sister!! I am so thrilled for your success with Doge! You were the reason I had the holdings I did. @nyssacat373 and @hkcolonialcoins are awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

And I'm glad you logged back in after a long hiatus. I was just decorating the Comments with colorful, yet historically relevant Chinese Fiat currency. Looks nicer that way.
For your comment, Ching Shih's Junk! Maybe not. Perhaps the way the Perth Mint coin should have portrayed it to be more consistent with the other ships of the Black Flag series.

Nice seeing here again @dwingsworld

1935 Bank of Communications $5 Yuan

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Not sure if I made a junk comment or not. Slightly confused lol. Appreciate you my pirate sister.

Ah.. Very Nice, especially when it reminds you or connects you back to your ancestral lineage. I really enjoyed not only seeing your blunger, but also hearing a little about what make you you. I am all smiles now @kerrislravenhill 😊

The bar will be a Special piece and I hope that my descendants or members of my immediate family do not sell it unless it was very urgent or part of a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.
I can understand what hopes my Great grandfather to see his descendants thrive at a new place, if not in China but in Canada or the US. I have never met him but What I do remember that he died earlier than expected. He must have of blamed himself for the loss of the business and then the farm, that anxiety and burden could very well his shortened life.
I very much appreciate your comments @bdmillergallery, BTW I've just decorated my comments section with colorful Chinsese Banknotes. Check it out.

2005 Bank of China (Hong Kong) $20 Banknote

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Oh how heartbreak can hurt our health in the long run. That's too bad and I am sorry to hear that you never had the chance to meet him. What he didn't know was that his sacrifice really DID change the path, of those after him, for the better. Very noble of him.

I have a little mix of everything, but Scottish, Dutch and American Indian are the most heavy in my family tree. Like you, I was never able to meet my great grandmother, who was full blood Iroquois (Indian). Lovely person so I am told. Nothing to hand down or pass along since they did not have much anyhow, but that matters none to me. I just wish I could have sat with her a while.

LOVE the banknotes!!!!! 😍🤗😁 What a colorful collection and it adds just the right touch to your comments. @kerrislravenhill style all the way!

You are welcome, I'm glad you found my banknotes handy as a nice backdrop to your story.
Awesome looking bar and I find myself a little envious too.

Thank you PD, you have been so very supportive of me loaning me these old banknotes of your collection. You could have shared them yourself here so I will keep giving you that credit.
With much love, K.

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