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”Blackbirds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

Due to time and energy constraints, I may have to make this post a teeny bit shorter than my usual style and depth. So, digging into my treasure chest of InBox mail, mostly from one person… This week we are adding to the Fun Pirate Stack!

Pirate Pieces of Eight, Four & Twos

The original 1600s Spanish Reales of this era are still largely hand made to specific standards and purity. Requiring skill to pour coins to specific weights, hand striking and any finishing processes to weight standards set by the Spanish Crown and Mint Master. By the 1700s coining silver was making strides quality and consistency.

3-coin, Spartan Treasure Set
3 coin? Testing the weight… 1.75 Troy oz. But there are 4 coins!
💋, Captain Nyssacat373 sneaked another gift in my order. Bless his heart.
Silver 0.999 Antiqued
1.5 Troy oz 3-coin set; 8 Reale, 4 Reale, and 2 Reale size

I believe these replicas were modeled after the early 1600s to 1700 Spanish Reale. Identifiable features that put them smack in the Golden age of the Piracy beginning about 1650 to 1730. Though they do not have identifying marks like, “999 FS”, artist’s trademark or hall marks, to the un-patched and untrained eye, just enough features to easily distinguish these as just that, Replicas! I hope no one would be crazy enough to try and pass them off as the genuine thing.

Poured Pirate silver is fun Silver! ~ The Bloody Raven

The 4 Reale sized coin, Spartan Treasure
Obverse; Crowned Shield Coat of Arms
Text Obscured but on the real Reale, likely DEI GRATIA PHILIPE IV, V or CARLOS II

These 0.999 Fine Silver replica coins are an inexpensive alternative to getting the genuine Spanish Silver Reale. Idea for those who like to Stack Pirate Style but not pay the steep premiums of the genuine Pirate Era coins through the nose.

4 Reale sized coin, Spartan Treasure
Reverse; Arms of Castile and Leon
Text Obscured; but on the real Reale, likely REX, date, HISPANIARVM

Now for our Next Silver item

I didn’t buy this lovely round.
When Captain Nyssacat373 and I purchased our sets of Spartan Treasure Reales and a few other items on the Pirate shopping/plunder list. He’d insert a shiny goodie or three along with a private & personal handwritten note before reposting the remaining order to me. The decal is self-explanatory as this round was owned by AgStacking on Instagram before it got into Nyssacat373’s hands.💋

2008 Pirate Ship Round
Reverse; Sailing Ship Port Quarter stern view
Diameter 39mm, Thickness 2.8mm
Minted by the Great River Mint, Missouri

He sure knows my taste in Pirate themed silver and the mystery that goes along with it.
The Obverse design of the ship may seem simple enough and perhaps a bit cartoonish. In my dark imagination I see it as a crewless ghost ship sailing aimlessly in a rough sea, and those who set their eyes upon it shutter in fear of it’s mysterious haunted nature of ghost pirates. Which would make for an interesting story line.

2008 Pirate Ship Round
Obverse; Jolly Roger with an Aztec Motif
Legend; * ONE TROY OUNCE *
* .999 FINE SILVER *
Mintage unknown

Another mystery is the Great River Mint in Missouri. A small private mint that produce and retail their product line of silver rounds as well as offer custom services. There is not much on the company itself, nor do they archive previous products in the past. Perusing their current ‘Out-of-Stock’ products, I see that they are also having a difficult time sourcing silver for their business.
No surprise there.

More FUN added to the Stack.

Still spicing things up, what kind of fun silver do you have in your Stack?

And thank you for coming aboard my pirate blog today!

The #piratesunday tag is the scurvy scheme of Captain @stokjockey for #silvergoldstackers pirates to proudly showcase their shiny booty and plunder for all to see. Landlubbers arrrh…welcomed to participate and be a Pirate at heart so open yer treasure chests an’ show us what booty yea got!


Web; thegoldspartan.com
Numista; 1706 Spain 4 Reales
Instagram; @thegoldspartan23
Instagram; @agstacking
Blackbeard’s Handkerchief by Modhanks on IG


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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What fine gifts from Nyssacat373 !
Cool pours! Are they true to size?

Hugs and Kisses sis 🥰🌺🤙!!

I don't have an authentic 17th century Spanish Reals yet just the 18th and newer. Based on data and size comparison I dubbed them as Replica 2 Real equivalent.
Nyssacat373 just pointed out to me that the left 2 Reale is from an Etsy seller which also has a .999 designation at the 12 o'clock position.
I didn't notice that.

Thanks for Commenting @silversaver888

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"Fun Pirate Stack"....that's what it's all about @kerrislravenhill!😀 Stacking, for the future, and enjoying....like these replica Spanish Silver Reales!
Just imagine the history and Adventure stories behind originally minted Spanish silver Reales!
That would be a story, that would be a post! 🤗
Very nice stacking my friend!!!

Months ago I wrote a short on a Museum night guard with a high tech security flashlight encountering the ghost of a very late Spanish Captain whose soul was trapped in the silver displayed at a museum exhibit.
I'm open to continue that.
Fantasy writing may need a fantasy Reales.
Moonlight mint's fantasy Atocha 8 Reale cobs by Daniel Carr, beautifully designed fantasy coinage.

Thanks for the comment @silvertop

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Very detailed 8 Reale @kerrislravenhill.... Sounds like a post to me my friend!😀

Very cool replicas of the reales. Dam another ship round I don’t have, you’re killing me.

Thanks @silverd510 IT would be fun for me to have chest full of these fine silver replicas. as for the Ship round I don't see to many of these with the exception of one or two identical rounds on IG and once on Ebay. Products from small mints like Great River do not ring a lot of bells in the Stacking community. I did immediately though of the Silvertowne version when I got it.
But upon comparison I think the Silvertowne Galleon is the better Round.

Thanks for Commenting!

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Oh my god another one. You are truly killing me. I saw a cool vintage ship round on eBay not to long ago. But it was an auction and i was on a job site when it ended.

Those mock Reales are so cool!!

Getting the silver bullion Replicas are far cheaper than getting the Authentic Silver coins. I just get a few average circulated real Reales for comparison.
This little stack has some genuine coins, mostly fine silver replica and fantasy pirate coins. And one total fake coin.
I now have a little dedicated wooden chest for them.

Thank you dropping in @ladybug146

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It's cool that you have real ones too. Even if they are lower grade. Stuff like that I like replicas because you can see the detail nicely like it would have been back then. At the end of the day silver is silver and and once of silver will be worth an once of silver, new or old. Obviously there is collectable values but you catch my drift. I prefer value over rarity I guess.

I would have a chest for hem too. I have a chest for my semi numies...lol I don't look pirate but maybe act like a closeted one. Lets call it pirate at heart.

I !LUV #PirateSunday and I Especially Love Silver Brought Up From Davy Jones Locker @kerrislravenhill...............


Ship Wreck silver is practically a whole other ball game with astronomical prices. You seen my recent Song Dynasty 10 Cash, El Cazador 2 and half Reale, even the modern Gairsoppa silver.

If a decent shaped Atochia or The South American piece shows up I will be tempted to go for it.

Thanks for the Comment and the LUV @stokjockey

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I Learned Something New Today that I did not Know and That is Canada has a Rain Forest (Haida Gwaii) and In That Rain Forest Lives Kermode Bear Which is a Spirit Bear. While most Kermode bears are black, between 100 and 500 fully white individuals exist.


@kerrislravenhill, So Many Things still to Learn no matter how Old we Are.............

Cool huh? It was thought as an albino aberration but many more different sightings it is considered more being distinct sub-species. Great for animal watching tourists.

A very nice addition to your stack @kerrislravenhill! I like the idea of the look of old coinage, but reproductions to keep costs down. The new silver round with the ship isn't bad either! Just up your ally! Thanks for sharing sista, and have a lovely week!

Here's a pair of Pillar dollar replicas made by QSB mint I wished I got more of. The same mint that made the Salivate Metal Channel rounds. They were reasonably priced at the time and looking back I wished I got a roll.
There was a scene in Black Flag when Flint and Rackham were sitting in a hold full of Spanish silver and Rackham hand one in his hand that looked brand new as like this round.

Thanks for the Comment @elizabethbit

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Very nice!😁💜

Due to time and energy constraints, I may have to make this post a teeny bit shorter than my usual style and depth.

That's always tough for me. I start out saying I have to keep it short and end up making it longer than needed. Oh well.

I am always in fear of buying replicas, so I don't buy them at all.. unless the price is right I suppose. Replica or not, they look cool non-the-less 😍

Always enjoy reading your posts!😁

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Arrr some seriously awesome additions to your pirate silver collection! the 2008 Pirate Ship Round is a work of art, beauty coin.

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