Summit 3300, Day 23 - Hive and HBD to BTC

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I set myself a goal and made a project out of it for the last three months of the year 2020.

The project is called

Summit 3300

The goal is

To see how much I can acquire (in BTC, as much as possible) from my current and new resources, be it online or in the real world

Read the introductory post with the guidelines

B - HBD & C - Hive -> BTC


Weekly convert and withdraval of all liquid Hive and HBD from Hive-Engine and Hive wallet to ionomy exchange* and sell to BTC.


Every Sunday, no matter what the price.


  • Sell all liquid H-E tokens to SWAP-HIVE and withdrawal to Hive wallet
  • Transfer liquid Hive to ionomy*, keep 100 HIVE intact
  • Transfer HBD to ionomy*
  • Sell both to BTC at the market price

Action Today

47.731 HIVE transferred to @ionomy

9.346 HBD transferred to @ionomy

Sold to app. 0.00116 BTC or $15.22

Outcome and Status

After 23 days the table with channels looks like follows.

ChannelInput (Asset)Income (Asset)Income USD
0 - BTC100 %102.17 %-
A - Blurt1162.444 BLURT0.00144328 BTC18.79 USD
B - HBD147.938 HBD0.01272511 BTC165.69 USD
C - Hive180.579 HIVE0.00228845 BTC29.8 USD
D - SCR162.900 SCR0.00354796 ETH1.45 USD
E - Faucets0.00108930 BTC0.00108930 BTC14.18 USD
F - Splinterlands112.407 HIVE0.00142982 BTC18.62 USD
Total BTC0.01897596 BTC247.07 USD
Total ETH0.00354796 ETH1.45 USD
Grand Total USD248.52 USD

12 $ more as yesterday because of the slight BTC price drop.

The first line which indicates BTC trading won't be included in the total since it is an index value and not an absolute number.


Free day?

Summit 3000, history of articles

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Actions by channels

0 - BTCafter any change
A - BlurtTuesday evening
B - HBDSunday evening
C - HiveSunday evening
D - SCRFriday Evening
E - Faucetsafter any withdrawal, when faucets have over 30K Satoshi in them
F - Splinterlandsafter any sale

The schedule is not set in stone. It's more a guideline.

Referral Links

I am using referral systems, links are marked with an *, with a very straightforward approach - I only promote what I use! In other words, I test it and vouch that it's legit and working! Otherwise, I don't promote it!

Here is the assorted list of referrals that I offer for you to inspect and use if you choose so.


ExchangeHive Account

Hive based referrals

Link to dAppHive AccountHive Community
Rising Star Game@risingstargameRising Star Game


Bonus Bitcoin
Satoshi Hero


These reports show my actions and ideas. They are not to be taken as financial advice. Do your own research and make your own decisions. Of course, we can debate them and help each other.

Links marked with * are affiliate links. If you use one of them to join an offering we can both gain. Again, the decision is yours. Yet, you can trust me that I only promote what I use.

The banner image was created in Canva*.

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Better and better

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Very cool and good info my friend

What crypto debit card is useful in Slo?

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Any card that's Mastercard or VISA branded :)

I have Bitwala which is SEPA banking with crypto options (BTC and ETH). I think I have Nexo somewhere too.

And Revolut, of course. Again, SEPA banking with crypto trade option.