Tesla Recovers Over $128 Million From Bitcoin Investment

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The Tesla company, which just purchased about $1.5 billion worth of BTC in the beginning of this year and assured their users of accepting Bitcoin as payment in their automobile company is already making gains in the market as the number one crypto in the world becomes more volatile. It was announced that their total investment was worth $2.48 billion as at ending of March 2021.

A huge amount of gain worth $128 million have been recovered by the business organization as at Wednesday. It’s not up to two months and the automaker is already taking profits from their smart investment.


Tesla C.E.O , Elon musk has also said that delivery of the new version of the Tesla Model S sedan will commence by May 2021 and at the third quarter of the year, delivery of Model X will begin.


Bitcoin price is currently at $57,751.98 according to CoinMarketCap with a 24hr increase of 6.57%. This weekend might end up being fun for cryptocurrency investors as the market gets greener.

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That means that small investors have lost 128 million $.
Not good for large acceptance of crypto

That should be seen by small investors as a source of Motivation leading to massive buy-ins. @chrisaiki lol still using the ChallengeEOS App? I was excited when I realized you still create and receive challenges with it.

Yes, I am starting a crowdfunding campaign for @cleanplanet tomorrow and I will post 9 challenges in the following weeks.

Wow!...Bravo bro
I’l be looking forward to seeing that.

Hope Elon is not up to something

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Hahaha....the doge lead hypeman could be up to something. i’m getting myself more bags.