Solar Self Powered Drone Tesla's with ECOLOBLUE Atmospheric Water Generators (TESLA HVAC) will provide unlimited mobile water supplies to the world. Telokanda in Africa can sell Ads on the side like NASCAR

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@Tesla WATER sounds just like #talisawater who use @EcoloBlue @ecoloblue_jp @ecolotech @EcoloblueK @EcoloBlueEU You can help @elonmusk learn to use THIS Atmospheric Water Generator Tech in #TeslaHVAC for heating Ventilation, AC & Water! Generated from AIR- then @kimbal grows food



like @mughat taught me ... a private fire dept could stop all unecisary fires

they need one of THESE solar powered atmospheri9c water generator HVAC mobile tesla water generating fire fighting cyber trucks that get paid to put ouyt fires. peopel will pay EVERYTHING THEY HAVE to put out a fire IF THATS actually AVAILABLE to purchase on demand as a PRIVATE firefighting service. but the government uses secret society run fire depts instead of allowing a free market competition. Insurance companies would own them like tesla insurance



You left off the Dogecoin sticker on the car. 😁

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