Harvests Galore!

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

The other day we got to harvest some of our delicious veggies that have been growing like wild!


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Harvests Galore!

One of the really fun things to do lately here is keep an eye on, and spend time on, the deck to see how great our plants are growing! These things are doing excellent as long as I keep them watered lol.

The cucumber plants are far happier now that I transplanted them into larger pots that have a lot more soil. They were in tiny pots before and they were growing but definitely not as strongly as they are now. We've got 5 cucumbers waiting to be picked and even more growing! The other star of the show on the deck is the grape tomato plants. We have two pots of them and I made the mistake of squeezing 3 plants per pot so it's really cramped in there lol. I won't make that mistake again next year!


We got this funny looking tomato in one of the pots. The little man loved it because he only saw the ones that were growing in a very nice, round shape before. Now that he's seen the tomatoes can grow in weird shapes too, he's been looking all over the place to see if there are any more like that one!


Waiting in the winds for us to pick next are some delicious green bell peppers. They have been growing really well and we have one really big one, a medium one and a few smaller ones. We are looking forward to the day that we can go out there and harvest one of them to eat!

What's your garden looking like? Anything you are proud of and picked recently? Let me know!

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It's always enjoyable to collect some vegetable we plant or in wild 😁. By the way, the tomatoes are really entertained.

Thanks, the tomatoes were great and that one funky looking one was pretty funny!

Only thing we realize now is that we don’t like the variety of cucumber that we grew lol. The seeds are giant! We will plant a different one next year for sure.

To be honest I gave up on the garden I was building here at my friend's property. I was the only one spending money and the time on it. Plus the surroundings in Vegas got weird. So I decided to retreat back to the online world and spend my time and money there😄

Here is to more upcoming harvests!

Ah for sure that’s really hard. Living in such an arid environment is also really difficult so I can see why it would make it that much harder. Props to those people who can keep things like that going out there!

That is a nice harvest, my tomatoes these year aren't very well, same with the cucumbers. But I've got loads of potatoes, beans, blackberries, raspberries and many other things. So its a great year :)

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