Telos At 81 Cents Holy Shit!!!!

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Telos out the park almost at one dollar then 2 and then 10 and then 100 as we SCALE ETHEREUM and bring HIVE as a telos BP


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i am hyper angry cat

do not lost hope on the spinning NFT. i will have something for you soon

hah ok, telos was at like 82 cents now its 60... i need to get someone big from hive to buy in

also i need to do my @ddate airdrop with @ratzen and maybe work on a new website that never goes down because its hosted off dstor or just exists inside the chain hosted as a dapp inside telos

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what is telos?... a hive-chain coin?

Its like a fork of eos but has Americans running the show and theyve supported many of my projects xheck it out @telosnetwork