Top 30 Organic Engagement through Comments - 08-08-2020

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On Hive, we talk a lot about engagement and some of our top authors and stakeholders are also taking lots of initiatives to create more engagement on the Hive blockchain. Engagement comes through reading many posts from others and adding valuable comments on their posts. I wanted to pull out this data every day from the blockchain and make a post so that authors who are adding more comments and engagement will get motivation.


Top 30 Commenters with filter

108 Aug 2020@papilloncharity67102630.286
208 Aug 2020@jlufer64155260.02
308 Aug 2020@chireerocks6365990.143
408 Aug 2020@johannpiber62117050.101
508 Aug 2020@fredkese5621280.018
608 Aug 2020@melinda0101004749180.023
708 Aug 2020@chrisrice4551850.031
808 Aug 2020@kaminchan4346150.159
908 Aug 2020@tattoodjay4064070.096
1008 Aug 2020@alucian35143900.18
1108 Aug 2020@elizabethbit3439480.007
1208 Aug 2020@ph110233100610.002
1308 Aug 2020@steevc3371400.802
1408 Aug 2020@intrepidphotos3244440.324
1508 Aug 2020@galenkp3282081.196
1608 Aug 2020@ewkaw3221690.186
1708 Aug 2020@hidave3297610.261
1808 Aug 2020@maxwellmarcusart3126330.07
1908 Aug 2020@ryivhnn3189830.206
2008 Aug 2020@dswigle31201770.075
2108 Aug 2020@cmplxty31331450.109
2208 Aug 2020@logiczombie3183350.38
2308 Aug 2020@pixiepost3099740.077
2408 Aug 2020@bigsambucca3018070.035
2508 Aug 2020@steemflow2944310.619
2608 Aug 2020@josediccus2863580.243
2708 Aug 2020@jaki012891431.526
2808 Aug 2020@chekohler2748190.166
2908 Aug 2020@forykw2725230.436
3008 Aug 2020@riverflows2734310.06

To start with I had to do lots of manual review work to get rid of the accounts that are either an automated commenting account or spam accounts that add random comments to spam. I came up with the below list of accounts that I have ignored from my report above.

@hivebuzz, @actifit, @tipu, @beerlover, esteemapp, @bdvoter.cur, @vimm, @hivewatcher, @hivewatchers, @pinmapple, @qurator, @likwid, @sor31, @fgh87, @jkl65, @vmn31, @w95hj', @xcv47, @x6oc5, @asd09, @zxc43, @w7ngc, @wiv01, @pixresteemer, @russellstockley, @investinthefutur, @c-squared, @yakovinvest, @dsc-r2cornell, piratedice, questbot, @anonramblingscom, @upvotebank, @hiveghost, @cheetah, @steemmonsters, @puncakbukit, @commun,, @surpassinggoogle, @innerblocks, @naturalmedicine, @incrediblesnow, @travelfeed, @opb, @misterengagement, @discovery-it, @u89gw, @dw38h, @f76wz, @hk14d, @indiaunited, @nesomi, @complaints-1, @complaints-2, @complaints-3, @complaints-4, @complaints-5, @complaints-6, @complaints-7, @complaints-8, @complaints-9, @planktonsupport, @co-mplaints-12, @adventureready, @com-plaints-14, @ecency, @currentxchange, @holybread, @hivegc, @diyhub, @wallet-kabil, @poshtoken

But the below section will have the complete list without any filter that will also include accounts from the above list.

Top 30 Commenters without filter

108 Aug 2020@hivebuzz6986064880.202
208 Aug 2020@beerlover2371182830.084
308 Aug 2020@tipu213550580.035
408 Aug 2020@actifit2055422580
508 Aug 2020@hivewatcher108262410.003
608 Aug 2020@holybread8272170.071
708 Aug 2020@russellstockley76204180.39
808 Aug 2020@papilloncharity67102630.286
908 Aug 2020@investinthefutur6580380.141
1008 Aug 2020@jlufer64155260.02
1108 Aug 2020@chireerocks6365990.143
1208 Aug 2020@johannpiber62117050.101
1308 Aug 2020@pixresteemer58358770.018
1408 Aug 2020@fredkese5621280.018
1508 Aug 2020@ecency55198200
1608 Aug 2020@dsc-r2cornell51200940.017
1708 Aug 2020@melinda0101004749180.023
1808 Aug 2020@chrisrice4551850.031
1908 Aug 2020@kaminchan4346150.159
2008 Aug 2020@misterengagement4245360
2108 Aug 2020@hivegc406000.016
2208 Aug 2020@tattoodjay4064070.096
2308 Aug 2020@qurator3863900.272
2408 Aug 2020@alucian35143900.18
2508 Aug 2020@pinmapple34275520.015
2608 Aug 2020@elizabethbit3439480.007
2708 Aug 2020@ph110233100610.002
2808 Aug 2020@wallet-kabil332060.005
2908 Aug 2020@steevc3371400.802
3008 Aug 2020@intrepidphotos3244440.324

In addition to the daily top commentors, I thought it would be ideal to list out the top voters as well. Below is the list of top 30 voters from the chain without any filters.

Top 30 Upvoters without filter

108 Aug 2020@laissez-faire3493
208 Aug 2020@payroll3153
308 Aug 2020@onealfa1140
408 Aug 2020@limka1120
508 Aug 2020@d-pend846
608 Aug 2020@mk-sports-token694
708 Aug 2020@hiveyoda616
808 Aug 2020@created582
908 Aug 2020@steemitboard564
1008 Aug 2020@mys560
1108 Aug 2020@livingfree557
1208 Aug 2020@fbslo469
1308 Aug 2020@tonimontana.neo455
1408 Aug 2020@pixelfan430
1508 Aug 2020@fernandosoder418
1608 Aug 2020@dpend.active405
1708 Aug 2020@toni.pal399
1808 Aug 2020@voxmortis395
1908 Aug 2020@accelerator369
2008 Aug 2020@tombstone368
2108 Aug 2020@fengchao355
2208 Aug 2020@idkpdx353
2308 Aug 2020@hivebuzz349
2408 Aug 2020@whd345
2508 Aug 2020@hivemachine340
2608 Aug 2020@ebuyusuf339
2708 Aug 2020@voteyapanbot339
2808 Aug 2020@ismihan337
2908 Aug 2020@maxuvd329
3008 Aug 2020@epicdice327

Top 30 Downvoters without filter

108 Aug 2020@dein-problem429
208 Aug 2020@spaminator331
308 Aug 2020@hivewatcher141
408 Aug 2020@themarkymark53
508 Aug 2020@theycallmedan52
608 Aug 2020@btcvenom52
708 Aug 2020@brianoflondon28
808 Aug 2020@leocurator26
908 Aug 2020@informativebot23
1008 Aug 2020@curatorpal23
1108 Aug 2020@pizzaboy7722
1208 Aug 2020@flag.god.bot19
1308 Aug 2020@stimialiti18
1408 Aug 2020@acronyms13
1508 Aug 2020@engrave13
1608 Aug 2020@mmmmkkkk31113
1708 Aug 2020@fersher13
1808 Aug 2020@mk-pal-token12
1908 Aug 2020@mk-gg-token12
2008 Aug 2020@mk-sports-token12
2108 Aug 2020@mk-natrl-token12
2208 Aug 2020@mk-marlians-tkn12
2308 Aug 2020@mk-leo-token12
2408 Aug 2020@mk-stem-token12
2508 Aug 2020@mk-photo-token12
2608 Aug 2020@dragonslayer10912
2708 Aug 2020@logic8
2808 Aug 2020@solominer7
2908 Aug 2020@marki997
3008 Aug 2020@likwid7

The intention of this post is to showcase some of the authors showing good engagement in the Hive community. I'm posting these stats every day so that whales and high stakeholders can have an eye on them and reward their posts and comments.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the list.

If you find any discrepancy in the above list or any accounts that are not supposed to be in that list, please let me know in the comments.

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Damn, the down vote counts coming from whale accounts is kinda astonishing. They could practically wipe someone's entire rewards out with 1 DV

Posted using Dapplr

Yes not just once but they can keep doing until the scammer stops publishing anything. They literally destroy the scammers. 🙂

how are you dear friend @ bala41288 good night
That was close, I was surpassed by a great friend, I love your work, you motivate us every day, thank you very much for it.
congratulations to all the friends featured in this wonderful report
have a wonderful week everyone

I'm glad to be able to motivate you. Cheers! You have a nice day and good week ahead. 🙂