Video Of Last Week's ChallengeEOS Team Instagram Live AMA

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Hey Hivers,

For those who missed the just concluded weekly AMA which I do co-host with the ChallengeEOS App Innovator Chace Eskam @anderson91 every Saturdays by 5pm GMT, this is the full YouTube video clip. Watch the video for an insight of when V7 the new version of the app will be launched and how the team plans to positively affect the world using this Geo-specific Blockchain based App which is used to send and receive challenges that are cryptocurrency-based.

While we wait for the new version of the App to be out. It might also interest you to know that aside from supporting various EOS Blockchain tokens, the app has a native currency called CHL, which is used to create challenges on the app with a host of other tokens like VIG, EOS, DAPP, KANDA,SENSE, SAND, EBTC, EETH etc. CHL is available on Coinmarket, CoinGecko, Newdex, Bitsonic.

In a way to give back to the Hive ecosystem, ChallengeEOS Team has decided to use the official @challengedac hive account with 80k Hive Power To Curate posts about the new version of the app which will be released soon and also contents about the app. Join the most recent blogging contest on Hive and earn some good upvotes.


Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Challengeeos Social Media Accounts:)

ChallengeDac YouTube:Challenge Dac



Nice! Good idea adding our AMA's to Hive!💪

Yeah! @anderson91 ChallengeEOS App is going viral and will gain thousands of users once the new version is launched.

The video is very educating and i am in love with this project. I can't wait for the version 7 to be available on playstore. I see big things to come from this App and CHL as a whole💪

Posted from Telokanda Hive Dapp

Thanks for the acknowledgement! @rhay92 Count yourself as lucky to be an early adopter of CHL and also know about the number one Crypto based challenge application in the world.

Okay...doing that now.

Excellent! #CHL is doing well.

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