Make A Review About The ChallengeEOS Version 7.0 App For 100% Upvote From The @ChallengeDAC Account With 80,000 Hive Power

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Hey Hivers,

Worried about how to earn free Crypto on the Hive ecosystem? Then worry no more cos @challengedac team is currently hosting a contest where all participants are going to have their post entries curated by the @challengedac official hive account with over 80k Hive power. Read more about the contest here:)


Download the new version of our challenge App to start setting up or completing Crypto-based challenges.

Android Version:

iOS Version:

Watch the ChallengeEOS Google Duo meeting video of yesterday here:)
Join the official @challengedac Telegram here

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I'm in on this

Yeah! Way to go bro. You can make as many contents as possible.

I will do just that

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Perfect! @rhay92👏👏

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Thanks @citimillz

Participating in it

Way to go bro! It’s Lit. 😄

hi to all #challangeeos is best earn app with lots of new opportunities in to educate your self how crypto currancy work great love for this 7.0 new version of #challangeEos

I urge you to join the contest by making a 200 word review about #challengeeos app.

Great opportunity for Hivers. Thanks for sharing it. I will also make a good review. Reblogged....

Okay bro! Please do. I will be looking forward to your entry.

I love challengeEOS

Yeah! So much fun on the app sending and receiving Crypto based challenges. @chrisaiki https://Challengedapp.oo

Confirm one..

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