Defibox to List The ChallengeEOS Token CHL

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The ChallengeEOS Team are always super active in the terms of providing their users with a pleasant and profitable user experience. The team recently announced that their native token CHL is going to be listed on Defibox soon. This is HUGE News for members of ChallengeEOS Community. Defibox is a one-stop decentralized platform App based on the EOSIO Blockchain. The platform ensures users Swap tokens or Bcome Market makers. The decentralized lending feature will soon be available on the platform.


ChallengeEOS is an EOSIO Blockchain based Geo-specific mobile App that allows users to make or win challenges. Users either create Task or Geo Challenges. A Player creates a task and if completed by the challenge receiver, he wins the Crypto reward. Coins supported on the App are CHL, EOS, SAND, VIG, KANDA, PUML, DAPP, EBTC, EETH and SENSE tokens. CHL is ChallengeEOS Platform's native coin available on CoinGecko, Newdex, Bitsonic and Okex exchanges. The ChallengeEOS Headquarters is located in San Diego, California.


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