ChallengeEOS App Community 55,000 Hive Power Curation Contest

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Hey hivers,

Did you hear that the ChallengeEOS Community has organized a Curation contest for the community members? This is a chance for you to win yourself some Hive upvotes from the @challengedac account with over 55,000 Hive power for content curation. The Curation contest has lasted for over a week now and will still last for weeks.

This contest will help promote this one in a million challenge app that has helped enlighten a lot of people more about Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Crypto noobs have also been able to get inclined with crypto with the help of the Geo-fencing and Task challenge app.

ChallengeEOS App is a EOSIO Blockchain based Application which allows users to either set up challenges with crypto rewards or enter challenges to for crypto rewards. The challenges are Geo-specific or Task challenges where users complete and win some cool crypto like EOS, CHL, DAPP, VIG, KANDA and many more kinds of cryptocurrency. The ChallengeEOS App headquarters is located in San Diego, California.

Join the @challengedac Curation contest via this link:)


Download ChallengeEOS version 7.0 :)

Android Version:

iOS Version:

ChallengeEOS Application has a native token called $CHL which is available on Newdex, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Bitsonic etc.

Buy CHL via @newdex-io:

Join @challengedac Official Discord server here:
Telegram group:

Read more about our App here


Great contest. I have already participated. Challengeeos ❤❤❤

Awesome man! Good to know

This is amazing...can't be left out... dropping a post soon..

Yeah! So much to benefit from being a part of this great community. Get more info here

Challengedac is a very good community and project...

Fantastic! 👏👏

Getting in the contest is my desire as this is huge

You bet bro! @din0baba