CHL Token To Be Listed On DefiBox

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We are happy to announce that CHL our native token will soon be listed on the Defibox platform. Defibox is an advanced one-stop DeFi app EOS platform that allows token Swap and uses automatic market-making protocol where users can swap and as well become market makers who share transaction fees based on liquidity proportion. A Decentralized staking stable coin is available on the platform called USN and decentralized lending will be activated soon. CHL getting listed on the DeFi platform will be a good way for our dapp ChallengeEOS and CHL token to gain more attention in the EOS based DeFi platform, Defibox and the Crypto Space at large. Watch this space as our Team will keep you all informed in due time.


ChallengeEOS App is an EOSIO blockchain based Geo-specific App that is used in creating and winning challenges. Users have to either send a Task or Geo challenge and the receiver/receivers win real time cryptocurrency rewards when they complete the tasks. Tokens supported on the App are CHL, EOS, VIG, SAND, KANDA, EBTC, PUML, SENSE, DAPP and EETH tokens. CHL is the native token of Challengeeos App and is available on Newdex, Okex, Bitsonic and CoinGecko exchanges. The Challengeeos Team is based in San Diego, California.


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Great news. DeFi platforms have been at the cutting edge of the crypto world lately. I hope this listing will give an increasing impetus to the movement of the CHL coin price.

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