ChallengeEOS V7 Beta Testing + Follow Our Official account on Instagram For Upvotes

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Here is a sneak peek of the new ChallengeEOS App Version 7.0 which will be released in a few days. Watch this space for information about when the new version will be launched. We are making sure the app is more user-friendly and dynamic more than ever before. For now, iOS users are running the beta testing here so if you are an iOS user, kindly partake in the beta testing and give us feedback on what you think about our app and the thing you will like to see added.

Here is a video clip of our last week's AMA session featuring our C.E.O @anderson91 and our African community Lead @citimillz.

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We currently have 278 followers on Instagram. So we will be upvoting every new follower we get from Hive starting from the 279th follower.

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RULES: Follow our Instagram account and drop screenshot as comment for upvote.

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I am patiently waiting for ChallengeEOS V7 to be out. The new features coming with it are state-of-the-art. 🔥🚀♥️

You can say that again! @citimillz

HODL $CHL. 🚀💎🔥

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Already followed ChallengeDac on Instagram.

Thanks a lot! @sadikulaziz

Already following on IG but I may not be awake to listen in.

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Thanks for the follow! @kerrislravenhill

ChallengeEOS app is great. I am already following the Instagram account. Looking forward to tomorrow's AMA session already.

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Thank you! @rhay92

CHL to the world.

CHL to the world.

The future is here.

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#CHL is always on top of it's game. @maxwellelisha19

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#ChallengeEOS Version 7.0 is up and running.