Cardinal Chickens

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Hi fellow Feather enthusiasts,

Today we are back with another edition of "what did we see when we were out with the little man" in regards to the birds.


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Different Flocks

It's a lot of fun being out and about in the nice weather, listening to the birds start to break out in song and enjoy themselves, seeing life come back after the bitter temperatures of the winters here. It's remarkable that these birds manage to stay alive and foraging food during those months but they do manage. We've seen some around here and there over the winter but mostly the little sparrows, not the cardinals or blue jays.

With the climbing temperatures and budding trees, comes the influx of new life which is a wonder to see. We had the pleasure of being out for a walk and hearing a little song playing above us and what did I look up to see? A nice cardinal! I wasn't able to snag the best shot of it but these are cool birds because we don't get to see them too often. This one was serenading us from deep inside a pine tree so I had to look around before I was able to see it and thankfully managed to snag a clear image of it. The little man loved it because he usually only sees Red Breasted Robins or sparrows but this one was a lot different and he loved that it was all red.


We have been getting some stuff at the local Tractor Supply Store for the lake house to help clean it up and get it situated for some fun in the summer. We were in there walking around looking at stuff and we kept hearing chirping but couldn't figure out what it was. We were heading back out the door but on a different side when we came by the awesome case of baby chicks here!

They have so many varieties, it's pretty great. The little man was glued to these cases for a good 25 minutes, walking around, talking to them and playing with them a little bit. We aren't in a place where we could buy some to have since we don't own any property but perhaps one day we might. It was still a lot of fun though to see him enjoy and be kind to these little things.


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Nice to see you out with the "little man"... It reminds me of excursions with my little man, who's now a BIG man, forty+ years later...😎

Ah I love it! These are wonderful times with the little ones. It's amazing how much fun it is to watch him experience so much for the first time. I’m glad I take more pictures than I need to most of the time so I can look back fondly!

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It is always fun to see a Cardinal! And I would have been entertained by all those little chicks, too.

Thanks! Yeah the chicks were a lot of fun to watch, I was doing it myself for a while lol. I love catching a glimpse of a cardinal, they are harder to spot than the blue jays or others which is nice. I’m trying to learn different birds to teach him, I didn’t learn this type of stuff as a kid lol

He is a lucky kid. I had a grandma who taught me the names of birds and flowers and it has been valuable to me my entire life.


Appreciate it thank you!