Staking Up My Sports & Lassecash

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With the price of sports increasing by the day, and no money at hand yet to fully buy in at large and stake up. The price is mooning each day. I mean the same sports that was once at $0.00002 is now at $0.00038.

To buy a million sports then and stake takes just 22 Hive, to do that same thing today, you'll need 388 Hive. Which means 400+ hive because you can't but a million sport at a stretch.

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So, I took the next best shot. Stake up my token at least if I can't buy, I should still be able to stake it up. Which is still better.

An additional +30,000 sports was staked to my alt account. I have already surpassed the 7.5 million sports staked mark and heading towards 10 million.


I also got to stake some more Lassecash too. The journey is getting interesting by the day here.

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I know a day will come when I'll also be one of the top three tokens holder on three major tribes.


I'm yet to understand how Lassecash works and the future of the community. I'm yet to receive upvotes to know how much it yields. Maybe I'll start-off my Stake and Earn Contest for SPORTS token sooner.

You can use the lassecash tag and earn upvote from them.

I am sure many users who have put you on autovote also has lassecash, just like me.

The value of lassecash is market worthy.

nice to see the sports uptrend and new users using it.

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I see sports at 0.1 hive in times too come I just hope I have accumulated enough before then, keep blogging keep staking