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RE: [CLOSED] Bet Your Upvote Playing HighCard For Free and Win Hive- run #772

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Games results:
@cpol lose, Three of Hearts vs Seven of Clumbs -> Seven of Clumbs
@luueetang lose, Five of Diamonds vs Seven of Hearts -> Seven of Hearts
@darksin87 win, Four of Diamonds vs Three of Diamonds -> Four of Diamonds, around 0.000047619257430884646 HBD
@master-lamps lose, Three of Hearts vs King of Clumbs -> King of Clumbs
@trillina win, Six of Diamonds vs Four of Hearts -> Six of Diamonds, around 0.000014312483098617494 HBD
@theroad2freedom lose, Three of Diamonds vs Queen of Diamonds -> Queen of Diamonds
@txrose lose, Four of Clumbs vs Jack of Spades -> Jack of Spades
@quinnertronics lose, Four of Hearts vs Jack of Spades -> Jack of Spades
@hansvonkatte win, Eight of Hearts vs Three of Spades -> Eight of Hearts, around 0.000030992060285621036 HBD
@podewils win, Ten of Hearts vs Four of Hearts -> Ten of Hearts, around 0.000050930056229105494 HBD
@chireerocks.ash win, Queen of Clumbs vs Three of Diamonds -> Queen of Clumbs, around 0.000010777598264864204 HBD
@kingaddz win, King of Spades vs Queen of Spades -> King of Spades, around 0.00006368464535197068 HBD