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I really don't know when and where this issue started from but I'm getting more concerned by the day. Despite using the #creativecoin tag, my post doesn't show up. I've tried posting to their tribe directly and all sort and still the same result of not showing up on the #creativecoin interface.

As you can see from above, it was four months ago my post with #creativecoin tag showed up here.
I wish the owner of creativecoin @swelker101 @cccf will help me look into this.


I've asked @isaria about this two months ago, and she replied, but I didn't see the effect of what she was saying because I've been using the creativecoin tag since then and I've checked Hive engine block explore and my wallet to see if their is any creativecoin comimg through the post, but I can't see any.

CC @wakeupkitty
I wish the tech or dev guys will look into my plea.


I sent your post to Shane to figure out what is wrong

I can not help you here but I noticed exactly the same with another community. What is posted into the community isn't shown only if (after) the owner reblogs it.
Sounds to me this isn't a problem owner or moderator can solve.

Posts will be found if you click on the tag but not if you visit the community.

it looks like hive-engine is reporting that the tokens have been distributed as intended. The issue with not showing on the CCC interface is a little perplexing. I'll see what I can find.

2021-07-18 12_12_30-Hive-Engine Explorer.png

@botefarm: Thank you for the mention. It appears your issue is being worked on, and we hope it is resolved soon.

To clarify our relationship to Creative Coin: The Creative Coin Fund invests in Creative Coin and curates the #creativecoin tag. We are not associated with the founding team or the administrators of the front-end.

Thanks for using #creativecoin. We look forward to reviewing your work.

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